Yurt Rental Near Ottawa

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Nestled deep into the forest, in Mattawan, Ontario, find Nature Harmony Eco-Lodge. I booked a yurt rental near Ottawa, for the last night of our Ontario EV Road trip. My husband, our pet German Shepherd, and I drove over 1,800 km in our Tesla Model 3. Finally, after visiting Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, North Bay, and more, we were in Mattawan for the evening before returning to Ottawa. We had no idea what to expect when we booked a one-night yurt rental at Nature’s Harmony Eco-Lodge. But wow, was the experience ever something! Are you looking for a yurt rental near Ottawa? Keep reading!


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As I’m six months pregnant, it’s becoming more challenging to do a lot of things. Naturally, I would love camping and sleep in a tent, but it’s a bit too difficult these days. So, we opted for a glamping experience instead. One where we didn’t have to pack a tent, cooking utensils, a BBQ, or any of the other essential camping equipment. Instead, the yurt rental came equipped with everything we needed. From freshwater, a Coleman stove, a BBQ, firewood, utensils, cooking wear, a lantern, to everything else we could have needed. It’s undoubtedly a great experience to arrive with some food, and relax! More often than not, camping can be so labour intensive, starting from packing everything back home. But now, this glamping experience was blissful and relaxing! 

Yurt Rental Near Ottawa

yurt rental near ottawaWhen we arrived at Nature’s Harmony resort off Snake Creek road in Mattawan, Ontario, we were greeted by the owner herself, Jennifer. While our German Shepherd may have scared her a bit, she was a great sport. She proceeded to make us feel welcome in her nature oasis. Jennifer showed us a map with more than enough things to do. For example, there are numerous loop hiking trails (yay we love loops), and a lake with kayaks and other water toys. Jennifer lead us to our yurt, which was pretty isolated from the rest of the property. We learned all about the yurt, and particularly the eco compost outhouse! It was a fascinating experience, as unlike other outhouses, this one had no smell! The outhouse is lined with a bag that is cleaned out after every guest. Jennifer explained that we’d have to throw the dirt into the bag every time we’d use the bathroom. I just kept thinking to myself that this is awesome. For my husband, it reminded him of his military days in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). Ironically, Jennifer’s husband is also Israeli who grew up on a Moshav.

We just felt so lucky to be experiencing such a place, only 3 hours away from Ottawa. And of course, it’s dog friendly!!!

Off the Grid Experience

best yurt rental near ottawa

After four days of traveling and staying in hotels in Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, and Sudbury again, I wanted an off the grid experience. Finally, we had no cell phone reception, no distractions, just our little family in the woods. During these off the grid experiences, that’s when we have a true opportunity to connect to nature and to connect to ourselves and each other. How often do you have off the grid experiences to just be and relax? Without any distractions, I was genuinely able to enjoy the simple life. We cooked dinner over the fire, a simple dinner of Corn, sausages, and salad. Yet, it was the best meal we had all week because we had prepared it ourselves! After eating fast food and in dinners, it was so refreshing to have control over our nutrition!

Low Environmental Impact

eco compost outhouse mattawan ontario

What is truly incredible about the Eco-lodge is that every guest has a low environmental impact. In addition to our compost toilet, there were also eco showers, which we did not try. But in today’s society, where we’re so accustomed to consuming and disposing of, it was refreshing to spend time reducing my environmental footprint. As we were on an EV road trip, we didn’t omit any emissions, nor did we harm the environment anyway while we were there. The key to treating the planet with respect is being one with nature, which is evident at Nature Harmony. Book a yurt rental near Ottawa for a low carbon footprint experience.


hiking nature harmony eco lodge mattawan ontario

After sleeping the night in our yurt rental, we awoke the next day to sweet birds’ sounds. Such a different melody than hearing cars moving or honking. We then made pancakes on the excellent Coleman stove, followed by doing dishes with a biodegradable soap that came with the yurt rental. We then set off for a hike. Usually, I would drive long distances to reach a hiking trail, but here all the trails were a walk from our yurt! We set off, following the helpful signs to guide us through the 3km loop hike. There is just so much land at the Nature Harmony Eco-Lodge that not hiking and exploring would be a shame. During the hike, we stumbled upon many wild mushrooms, which of course we did not eat, but they were fascinating to admire.

#1 Yurt Rental near Ottawa

#1 Yurt Rental near Ottawa

I fell in love with this place and cannot wait to return, especially for a winter off the grid getaway where the trails are free to be explored by snowshoe or cross country ski. In the winter, they also have sliding and a sauna available. This yurt rental is the #1 Yurt Rental near Ottawa for its price and value. While there are other yurts available, they are much more expensive and offer much less. Jennifer and her family have gone above and beyond to create a perfect nature harmony retreat. We will return for some more off the grid relaxation experiences! I can imagine that Autumn is also a great time to visit, to see the leaves change colours. Rest assured that there will be enough heat even in colder months as the yurt has a wood stove that graces the middle of the yurt. No matter when you visit, be sure you do! When will you book an off the grid, glamping experience?

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Nature’s Harmony Eco-Lodge

There are plenty of accommodations to choose from. While we stayed in the yurt, there are also glamping tents, cabins, and campsites to rent. Find more information at natureharmony.ca. Book your yurt rental near Ottawa soon to relax, rejoice and reconnect with nature and yourselves!