Yoga Challenge for Mind Control


yoga challenge for mind control israel kathelen parisien

I’m embarking on a yoga challenge for mind control. Our brains process over a million thoughts of day, thoughts that can cloud our focus. Accepting a yoga challenge means committing yourself to achieving clarity by practicing yoga everyday, for a specific amount of time.

Why would anyone participate in a yoga challenge?

Yoga challenges give oneself time and space to focus on their breath. Yoga, goes against our normal daily behaviours as we’re able to forget about the world, and focus on our breath. In our daily lives we not often motionless, conscious, compassionate, self-aware, so accepting a yoga challenge allows yourself the space and time to be still and connect within. When we give ourselves time to connect with our breath, amazing clarity and purpose follows.

3x Week Yoga Challenge for Mind Control

I’m embarking on a yoga challenge, and want you along the ride with me. By blogging, I will keep myself accountable to my 3x week yoga challenge. Maybe you’ve completed a yoga challenge but you’ve ditched your practice. Or, you’ve been wanting to try yoga, but not sure where to start? Have you ever tried yoga and caught yourself saying, “I’m bad at yoga?”. Regardless, stick with me through my yoga challenge for mind control kathleen parisien bolivia

I plan to blog about how yoga inspires my writing, and how it improves my business sales. I will share the effects of yoga on my marriage. Mostly, I will share how accepting a yoga challenge is a good idea!

Yoga Challenge for Mind Concentration

After a chaotic 10-month stretch in Israel, yoga gave me the ability to relax my mind. It was difficult to transition to regular life in Canada, after living abroad. I invested in a Yoga membership with Modo Yoga Orleans.

There, I accepted a 30 day yoga challenge. It was the middle of summer in Ottawa, and still I would go to hot yoga in July. I loved the ability to just focus on my breath, and connect with myself. Through experiencing discomfort through several movements, I gained the skill of focusing on my breath. Instead of my mind bouncing around, yoga helped for mind concentration. My self identity and goals became much clearer. Yoga allowed my mind to focus on what was really important to me, by eliminating the distractions. Is your next step in life unclear? Try a yoga class at a yoga studio near you.

Yoga for Anxiety

There are countless studies that demonstrate the positive effects of yoga for anxiety. For 60-minutes, the mat is your safe space. Trust your breath, and align your movements to your breath. Feel the energy within you, proving that you can accomplish anything. Be compassionate, and gentle with yourself. Yoga is your safe space to breath and just be. There is no need to please anyone, just focus on your own breath for optimal mind control benefits.  Yoga can give you the ability to live a freedom lifestyle.

Yoga for Creativity Developmentmind control kathleen parisien e

Creative development happens when we try new things. Through yoga, instructors teach us to now judge ourselves, and to be compassionate with our bodies. The same must be done with our creative work as if our thoughts get the best of us, it may stop us from taking action. Whether it’s writing, signing, drawing or any other trade, we must not judge our work, but rather let the creativity flow within us. Yoga is similar as we can’t beat ourselves up if we can’t nail a hand-stand. Through yoga, we learn who we are. We breath through different postures that rejuvenate our senses. After yoga, creativity development is ready to go because our thoughts are clearer.

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