Yoga at Home for Uninterrupted Practice

Become inspired to practice yoga at home for an uninterrupted practice for a more intimate, spiritual yoga practice. My 30 day yoga challenge enlightened me to what is essential about practicing yoga; connecting to the breath. After countless distracting yoga classes, I knew I could connect to my breath at home, while being guided by Yogi’s online. Check out the following to become inspired to practice yoga at home, in a clean and inviting yoga space.

yoga at home

Eliminate the Distractions

With hectic schedules, it’s difficult to adhere to a yoga studio’s schedule. Sometimes it takes so much effort to make it to the studio, and then when you arrive and lay down your mat, you can’t quit your thoughts. Then, your favourite instructor is off sick for the day, so there’s a replacement yoga teacher. And, this yoga teacher loves to talk excessively, and doesn’t guide you through the flows like your favourite teacher. There’s a million distractions, and you realize you’re not even connecting to your breath. These distractions are stealing valuable time. Now what? You don’t feel calm or zen, rather you’re upset that you just didn’t practice at home, alone. 

Put Yourself First
put yourself first

Through countless disappointing yoga classes, I learned something about myself, and that is what you should always put yourself first. As I listening to my thoughts being disappointed and upset with the yoga classes, I discovered that I was seeking more intimate time with myself. I was seeking more time alone to practice yoga in silence, to just connect to my breath. That would be more beneficial to me and my yoga practice. So, I decided to put yourself first by starting to practice yoga at home.  Yoga is about listening to yourself, and showing yourself love and compassion. Yoga teaches you that you are the most important person.

Can you practice yoga at home?

You can practice yoga at home for an uninterrupted practice. Practicing yoga at home allows us to not skip our yoga practices, and gives us the freedom to practice whenever we want. Primarily, the essence of Yoga is to give yourself time to radiate energy and joy within yourself. The objective isn’t to cause more stress or anxiety, and that is why I’ve shifted to meditating and practicing yoga at home. I’ve found that Yoga on YouTube, guided by professional yoga teachers is comfortable, easy and peaceful. I would highly recommend Yoga with Adriene. However, try out several different videos on Youtube until you find the right teacher for you. Practicing at home allows you to connect deeper with your breath, freeing yourself from the distractions found in a yoga studio.

yoga at home

Practicing Yoga While Traveling

The more I do yoga, the more my body needs to practice developing my body, mind and breath connection. If I were only comfortable doing yoga in a yoga studio, how could I practice yoga while traveling? The benefits of getting used to practicing yoga at home, is you can practice yoga anywhere you are. With guided yoga applications and videos on Youtube, there is no more excuses not to practice yoga. Practicing yoga is exceptionally important to do when traveling, as traveling can be stressful and can heighten your sensory abilities. Yoga, connecting to your breath, and relaxing your thoughts can alleviate any travel anxiety that one might experience. Continue practicing yoga while traveling in your hotel room, on a beach, or even in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport to refuel your energy. Practicing Yoga while traveling is also a sign of self-love and compassion.

5 Tips for Practicing Uninterrupted Yoga at Home

Practicing yoga at home will require some discipline, and effort on your part. Like everything new, it’s difficult settling in, but than you’ll be happy you did. If you’re already practicing yoga in a studio, and are now transitioning to a home based practice, this post is for you. If you’re just starting out with Yoga, definitely research Beginner Yoga sequences on Youtube. There’s 10 minute beginner yoga videos on Youtube that help significantly. Here are 5 tips to practicing uninterrupted yoga at home

1. Choose a quite time for uninterrupted time

Choose a time when your family members or children are not going to bother you. For example, I wake up before my husband for this special me time. Every morning, I give myself time to journal, meditate and practice yoga. 

Do yourself a favour, and set uninterrupted time for yourself. Even if you can just start with 5 minutes a day, that is a great start. Gradually, increase the time you practice over time. Try to stick with the same time everyday, to make it part of your lifestyle and routine.

Close your door, or ask people you live with not to bother you. Once your in your yoga mindset, others should respect your time. Be sure to explain to them the need for alone time. Don’t expect them to understand if you have not explained the importance of this uninterrupted time.

2. Allocate a Sacred Space in Your Home for Practicing Yoga

Human beings learn from our environments, so allocating a special place in your house just for yoga helps you ease into the yoga practice. Like anything new, building your at home yoga routine will take some adjusting. However, the more you do it, the more you’ll find your body craving yoga. Each time you’ll take your body to this special place, your mind will instantly follow. Through conditioning behaviour, the mind already knows to start consciously breathing when your body connects to the mat. This mind to body connection intensifies your yoga practice to calm, ease and relax you. 

3. Create a Clean and Inviting Yoga Space
clean and inviting yoga space

Now that you’ve chosen a place to practice yoga at home uninterrupted, now it’s time to create a clean and inviting yoga space. The second Niyama is Shaucha, which relates to cleanliness. Having an organized, and clean space to practice yoga will simply your life, by reduce clutter. Eliminate clutter in your environment, to eliminate clutter in your mind. Create a space that will foster intentional breathing and Being. Pretend like your a child again, and create a space that a child would feel good in. Perhaps put up a picture of a forest, or something that makes you happy. Maybe you’d like to create an alter to burn essences, or to gather energy stones to bring positive light to your space. Make it your own clean and inviting yoga space with whatever feels right for you.

4. Be Still and Breath

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Enjoy time being still, and without any distractions. Put your cellphone on Airplane mode, and get comfortable with stillness. Yoga is not about the postures, but rather about the mind-to-breath connection. By being still, and focusing on your breath, this is the essence of yoga. Before you begin moving around, take some time to just sit still and listen to your breath coming in and going out. As thoughts come in, push them out of your mind like clouds in the sky. Be sure to use Guided Meditations or Breathing Exercises on YouTube to assist you with meditation and stillness. When you do start incorporating yoga postures, you’ll be glad your breathing is on point. It’s the breath that comes before the movement, so this is crucial to learning how to just be.

5. Learn About Yoga + Attend Yoga Classes Sometimes

Reading yoga books, watching documentaries and attending yoga classes will compliment your at home yoga practice. Investing time to learn about this ancient way of life will bring wonders to your life. Simply performing upward dogs, and pigeon poses will not bring holistic healing and enlightenment. The true transformation comes from learning from the yogi community. Attending yoga classes at a studio will help ensure your alignment is on point and keep you balanced. Rather than stressing about going to the studio everyday, going to the studio once a week will be a celebration and a reward. Especially if you attend a HOT yoga class, to deepen your stretches, and open your pores.

Must Read Yoga Books

If you’re anything like me, and didn’t grow up meditating and practicing yoga, then I highly recommend getting a yoga book. There’s so much knowledge and wisdom to learn about this ancient practice. These following books are highly recommended to help guide your yoga journey.

Mindfulness Yoga: The Awakened Union of Breath, Body, and Mind

Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life

Are you thinking about starting a yoga challenge? Now that my 30 days of Yoga is complete, I feel much different than when I started. Through going through the process, I’ve learned that it’s not possible to go to a yoga studio everyday. But, what is possible is practicing yoga at home uninterrupted! 

I’m Kathleen Parisien, Author, Entrepreneur, and Yogi in training. Have a question for me? I’d love to hear from you. Comment below, or contact me directly at [email protected]

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