Why MLMs are Great

Christian McGee joins Kathleen Parisien on Episode 17 of the Citizen of the World Podcast to talk about why MLMs are great. Often, people have nothing good to say about network marketing. This is so unfortunate because being a multi-level marketer enables personal growth, and financial freedom. Christina McGee has her own podcast, Talks with CMcGee, where she educates on why MLMs are awesome. Christian enlightens us on what it’s like in the day of an MLMer. Christian highlights when you’re not trading time for money you have time for personal growth, can have financial freedom, and a community of like minded people to lift you up and keep you motivated.

why mlms are great christian mcgee

A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions of MLMs. Christian used to be one of these people who thought MLMs were horrible. She didn’t want to rip people off, or be annoying. She was raised thinking that MLMs are bad, because she had family members fail. However, she ended up meeting a lady who ended up being a mentor. Once she met her, and she understood MLM, she thought, “WOW, this is brilliant!”

Have control over financial freedom

Let’s say you go to target, and you bought a sweater. Then, your friends say, Ah I love it. Can I buy it too? So, they go to target and buy the sweater. Target won’t pay you. But, MLM will! MLM will continue to pay you every time they go back into the store.

No longer trading time for money. Instead, your trading your value for money

Why MLMs are Great: Community

With MLM you gain a community that forces you to become a better person. It forces you to be a better person. Most MLMs have a system that give you personal growth trainings. You have a mentor who gives you guidance and support. They’ll recommend books for you to read. They also mentor you into being a leader, and an inspiring person. You can lead your own team, and inspire your own community. It’s not just selling products, it’s actually the community.

Surrounding yourself with like minded people who lift you up.

Why do people want to work a 9-5 instead of MLM?

stop trading time for money why MLM is great

Staying in a 9-5 job is easy. Someone else is holding you accountable. You know you will get this amount of money, and you can go home and just watch TV. No motivation to grow. MLM is great to grow as a person. 

You as a person have to grow past your paycheque in order to achieve that paycheque. You have to become someone who is worth a million dollars, then the million dollars come.

No Cap on Your Income

Your 9-5, has a cap. Yes you can work overtime, but again your trading time for money. IN an MLM theres no cap, but you do have to work hard. It’s not an easy, get rich scheme. It takes time.

I love MLMs because people are fired up for light, and actually doing something productive.

Why MLM is Great: Capacity to help others

In your 9-5 job, you don’t always have the capacity to help people. You can’t just coast through life, you have to show up for yourself. When you work 9-5, you don’t always feel like talking to people. You might work alone, and not have the community. A lot of MLMs have products that change people’s lives, plus the business itself can change people’s lives.

why MLMs are great

Arbonne Representative

Junk free, vegan skin care, and health and wellness nutrition company. For Christian, it has completely changed her. She did not always have glowing skin, and she didn’t always feel good. Also, she didn’t pursue a high level of personal growth for herself. If she would have never joined Arbonne, she wouldn’t even know what her life would look like. She loves growing and helping others. It’s rewarding!

I get texts everyday from people thanking me for introducing them to these products.

Why MLMs are Great: Live a life of purpose while earning cheques

Get paid to help people. The texts make it worth it. The reward from helping people is what keeps Christian going. People take the products, and they have so much energy. Its so amazing knowing that I helped them.

Quality Products

You have no idea what you’re buying when you go into the drugstore. What products do you sell that really help people?

Fizz Sticks

why MLMs are greatArbonne has fizz sticks. Christian always has them everywhere and passes them out like candy. Everyone needs energy. We can’t do anything fulfilling in life, unless we have energy. It’s a little powder that you put in water. It’s full of vitamin B, and very low levels of caffeine. Christian used to drink 6 espresso shots a day! Now, she just drinks 1-2 fizz sticks. It’s also low glycemic foods, so it wont spike your sugar levels.

Why don’t I just go buy some vitamin B at the shop? I wouldn’t create a habit. The products help you create habits because they taste and look good. You don’t realize how much you enjoy it. But, people love the fizz. It’s fun to watch, you really enjoy it, and so you’ll continue to drink it. You actually get the results.

Why MLMs are Great: Great Education

Christian uses the products, so she can help people.  Since Christian personally knows the products, it means you don’t have to go to the store and google all the products. Arbonne has a great reputation. We ban a lot of chemicals. We have strict cleanliness. We ban over 2,000 chemicals. More than Europe, and more than the United States. Most MLM companies keep strict regulations for clean products.

Instead of Amazon, Christian just goes to Arbonne and order stuff there. She trusts it, it just gets delivered right to your door. That is the future. People want products delivered to their door.

You have a consultant working with you. People ask her questions and I can actually discuss it with them. We have a 30 days to healthy living program. I work everyday with these clients, who are now like friends. They have accountability from me.

Why MLMs are great stop trading time for money

How to be Success with MLM: Love People

If you don’t love people, you won’t be successful in MLM. You have to actually care about people, and reach out to them. Be prepared to do stuff for them. You care about their success. When you love people, the conversation doesn’t start with, “Hey, you need to buy this”. Thats desperation. Instead, you actually care. Instead of just pushing products, you provide value instead.

Law of Attraction

Become who you want to buy from. I don’t want to just buy from a sales person, I want to buy from someone I know, someone I respect, and who inspires me. If that’s who I want to buy from, that’s who I need to become.


I get lots of clients from my instagram stories. It’s interactive and they see her using products. It’s personable and natural. People can connect that way, much more than an Instagram post. It’s easier to make people laugh on your instagram story. Everyone needs a laugh, and it’s fun to share smiles and jokes.

I speak from my heart in my Instagram stories.WHy MLMs are great financil freedom

What is difficult to get started in MLM?

Christian confesses that roadblocks do happen. But, the biggest roadblocks is happening between your ears. It’s all in your head. My family also was really resisting it. They said people were just using me to get rich. I had to step back, and ask myself, “Is this true”? It wasn’t. I had to think about what was true for me. Our families can be our biggest critics.

I’ve been in business for 4 years, and my grandmother finally realizes that I am successful

Christian friends have supported her from the beginning. Friends want whats best for you, but they worry about failing. They shouldn’t be worrying about failing.

MLM is Great for Freedom

Through building up yourself, you get freedom to be the person you want to be. MLM has helped Christian have so much time to do the things she wants to do. She isn’t trading time for money. Within MLM, she picks her own hours and maximizes her time efficiently. People can do MLM on the side. A single mom with 3 kids can do MLM. Christian was working 7 days a week, 14 hour days when she got started in MLM. It’s possible to find time to work your MLM.

financial freedom why MLMs are great

MLM Is Great for Connecting to Others

It’s all about building connections. It’s easy to send a quick text. A voice text is really personable. MLM is not about selling products, it’s about knowing the person and taking time to get to know them. If you are on social media and only have 1 follower, you can sell. Christian started selling on Instagram with only 40 followers. It’s about loving people were you are at. Money, time, freedom and feeling fulfilled comes after that. 

Side Stream of Income

It never hurts to have that side stream of income. Let’s say your MLM is about makeup. You can occasionally post videos. You can make a side income from your side hobby. As a classical pianist, if my finger gets chopped off, I would have zero income. Even now, with COVID, all my concerts are cancelled. Now, all I have is my income from Arbonne. You put in a lot of work in the beginning, but as it keeps going, you get all of that back. While, if you work an hourly job, you have to keep showing up to make money.

Get Rewarded for What You Do: Why MLM is Great

Christian used to work for a company, to see who can sell the most chocolate chip cookies. She came up with an awesome plan to really sell cookies. She broke the corporate record, herself. Then, she only got a 10 cent raise. At that point, it got her thinking. 10 cents for a major corporate company is nothing. As in an MLM, you get rewarded for what you do. If you are an overachiever in your job, you would probably excel in an MLM. Part of it is a mindset shift, that you do need to stop thinking about trading time for money.

She’s able to put herself out there, and grow.

freedom with MLMs why MLMs are greatHow to Choose an MLM to represent?

You really need to believe in the products. Some people have a different philosophy, just jump in and later on you’ll love the products. But, if you don’t love the products, you wot sell them. Do your research. Start with what you are passionate about. Nutrition, energy, makeup, insurance; whatever your passion is, follow that.

Contact Christian. She knows a lot of MLM people, through her podcast she has interviewed so many people from different MLMs. She can connect you to anyone. Feel free to send Christian a message on Instagram @christianmcgee7 or via e-mail [email protected] Because she is always drinking fizz these days.

Location Independent

Work from anywhere. Go to the UK, and build a team there. Or, in any other country that your MLM is active. You can go anywhere. Christian travels a lot and is truly location independent. Want to be location independent? Join an MLM. Make a difference in your life, and someone else’s life with an MLM. Most importantly, stop trading time for money!