What can death teach us about life?

We often look at life as it’s a constant and as if it’s everlasting, and while at some level of mysticism, life may very well be perpetual, but what I’m talking about is our time on earth. As human beings, we’re busy making plans, always under the assumption that we have time, but death reminds us that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. As a society, it’s taboo to speak about death, as we tend to focus on the living rather than what happens after death. But what can death and dying teach us about our lives? Especially as citizens of the world who want to live out their true potentials. Can death remind us of how sacred life is and inspire us towards our dreams faster? What can death teach us about life?

Citizen of the World Podcast Episode 24

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What can death teach us about life?

What can death teach us about life? 2

Today, we’re discussing what death can show us and teach us about following our dreams.

What can we learn from death? While I have touched upon that a little bit, what can we learn from 2020 thus far? All of our plans, and expectations of how the year would go, went out the window. What were all doing this summer isn’t what we thought we’d be doing this summer. So, it begs the question, do you spend time thinking about the future and what will be instead of living in the present moment? Paying full attention to what is now and what actions you can take towards your wildest dreams today. Not tomorrow, two years from now, but instead today. 

Life is Sacred

Death has reached my life in two significant ways recently. As some of you know, for the past four years, I meet with families to help them plan for their child’s future education. Two years ago, I met a beautiful young couple who had just had a baby. I went over to their apartment and explained the benefits of a registered education savings plan, a great program we have in Canada for our kid’s education. The couple signed up, and I was looking forward to working with them over the next 18 years. Except, I received the worst e-mail I’ve ever received. The two-year-old child was now dead. Wow, what a shock. A tragic accident that shattered this young family. What can death teach us about life? Wow… right away, I realized how just one little thing could result in changing your entire world. Life is sacred, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. 

Aunt Louise

what can death teach us?

And now, It is with great sadness that I dedicate this podcast to the passing of my aunt Louise. My aunt Louise was legally blind, yet one would hardly know that because of her upbeat and joyful personality. Her childhood was spent at institutional schools for the blind in Montreal, then she moved to Toronto, and eventually, Brantford Ontario, where she got married. They had a joyful life together until after 5-10 years ago when things turned sour in their marriage. He neglected her, abused her, cheated on her, she was in a terrible, toxic relationship. While all her family told her to move to Ottawa to be around us, she knew Brantford. As a blind woman, you understand that her possibilities were not endless. Her existence was based on what she knew: their shared home, city, friends and activities, and husband. 

Over the years, I tried to help her. I consulted with lawyers and private investigators to help her split their assets, and she could come to move to Ottawa. But, she told me to nevermind. She stayed with what she knew, even if that meant sacrificing a better life for herself. 

Ovarian Cancer

Finally, in 2019, she came to visit Ottawa for my wedding, and this time she wouldn’t leave. She was sick already, but no doctors in Brantford would genuinely help her. They thought her symptoms were only in her head. After multiple tests and appointments at the Ottawa general hospital, she found out to have ovarian cancer. In Sept 2019, she was fragile and in and out of the hospital. I didn’t even know if she would make it to the wedding. I scared for my grandmother and the family. Surprisingly, she got out of the hospital a day before the wedding and was able to attend. 

Aunt Louise radiated light and life. She had a jolly, positive, upbeat, loving, and fun attitude. Louise didn’t’ take life so seriously, but would always e-mail me jokes or have something to laugh about. Despite her struggles, she was a beacon of light and happiness for our entire family. After the wedding, she started harsh chemotherapy treatments and underwent major surgery. All of this pain and suffering, and in the end, cancer didn’t diminish but spread like wildfire throughout her frail body. 

In her last two weeks of life, she went to the hospital, but she had been in and out of the hospital a few times, so I didn’t think much of it. Especially as she kept saying she was coming home. Then on August 2nd, we received news that she wasn’t coming back but instead going to a hospice. That afternoon, she passed away. 

What can death teach us about life?

life is now What can death teach us about life?

1- Life is not guaranteed. Life is sacred. Once we’re breathing, then we’re not.

2- Don’t wait to act. While she did have one year with her family, she could have had much more. Some cultures believe that stress and abuse result in cancer, so it’s imperative to be happy today. 

3- Always take action towards your dreams

Live Out Your Dreams

In our lives, we might say, “ah, I’ll travel in two years”, or “I’ll start a business after this happens, or that happens.” The reality is this or that might never come, but what is right is the present. The time to take action towards your dreams is now. Whatever you want, whatever your goals are, live them out today. 

Each day do something to advance yourself closer to your wildest dream. If you want to go into business for yourself, do it. Only you can make that become a reality. 

Because life has its own clock, it won’t wait for you. You must do what you can while you’re still alive.

And if you’re still breathing, then you still have a purpose worth fulfilling. Are you following your life’s purpose?

Next Episode

What can death teach us about life? 4

I know I’ve neglected the podcast for some time now and I will explain why in my next podcast! But, aunt Louise loved my podcasts, and so this very one is dedicated to her. May each of you listening feel her joy of life, and playful spirit and let it help you take action towards your goals. Aunt Louise is watching me fulfill my purpose, to continue to inspire others outside their comfort zone. 

What are you destined to do? What is on your bucket list? Don’t wait to cross things off your to-do list, do it now. While you still can!  Discover how to make money on the skills you already have. Get started today.