Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway

Experience the magic of a Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway. Leave the city behind, and head to the Laurentian mountains for an authentic Quebec Winter experience. Immerse yourselves in the Laurentian’s to experience Quebec’s winter culture. Plan your Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway with skiing, and winter hiking at Parc de la Rivière Doncaster. Book an Air B&B in Esterel Quebec for an authentic Quebec experience. Learn how to book ski lift discount tickets at Mont St Sauveur and Mount Olympia.

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Laurentian’s Quebec

Home to the best skiing, hiking and landscapes in the entire Quebec province is the Laurentian’s. Stay in Esterel Quebec. The Laurentian’s, located in Southern Quebec are a vast series of rolling mountains. Located just an hour’s drive from Montreal, or two hours drive from Ottawa, the Laurentian’s are a perfect winter getaway destination for the whole family. For Christmas 2019, we were headed to Esterel Quebec. Usually we could go to Mont Tremblant, but this year we choose Esterel Quebec to for a new experience. Each year my family visits the Laurentian’s region in Quebec to make the best of long, and cold Canadian Winters. Be sure to grab some Caribou, a sweet Canadian alcoholic drink composed of red wine, maple syrup and whisky. Stay warm in Quebec with Caribou, winter activities and good company.

Mont St-Sauveur

ski mont st sauveur laurentians quebec winter getaway

Mont St Sauveur is a picturesque, boutique village and ski resort in the Laurentian mountains. The village is optimal for outlet shopping, and dining out in nice restaurants. Staying in Mont St-Sauveur is the optimal base for a Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway. The ski hill is nestled right into the base of the St Sauveur village, with lots of ski in/ski out condos available for rent. The Hotel Alila Saint Sauveur is also a perfect place to stay right in the St Sauveur village, and only 2 minutes from the base of the mountain. 

Save Money, Ski Mont St Sauveur

Ski Mont St Sauveur to enjoy the Laurentian’s while saving money. Save money on ski lift ticket prices, and enjoy less people on the hill at Mont St Sauveur. Most tourists head straight to Mont Tremblant when they visit the Laurentian’s, but I highly recommend skiing Mont St Sauveur instead. A ski lift ticket at Mont Tremblant will cost $99 CAD + tax, while Mont St Sauveur is only $40.99 CAD + tax. When traveling to the Laurentian’s, saving money is a bonus.

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Ski Lessons in the Laurentians

If you have never skied or snowboarded, rest assured that you can hire a ski instructor for group or individual lessons. Get outside your comfort zone this winter and try something new. My Dad and Husband took ski and snowboard lessons three years ago, and it’s enhanced our Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway. The main reason we head to the Laurentian’s is to hit the slopes, glisten down the mountain and take it the breathtaking views of the Laurentian landscape.sunset laurientian quebec

Purchase Ski Lift Tickets Online

Another tip to saving money while skiing in the Laurentian’s, is to purchase your ski lift tickets ahead of time, online. If you already have a Sommet Ski Pass, you could easily re-charge it online, receiving an additional 10% discount. When you re-charge online, you don’t have to line up at the box office for your ski lift st sauveur

On Christmas Day, we skied and snowboarded Mont St Sauveur. It was a sunny day, +2 Celsius in the heart of the Laurentian’s. Remarkably beautiful and warm weather on Jesus’ birthday. We couldn’t have chosen a better destination for our Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway

Parc de la Rivière Doncaster parc de la rivere doncaster dog friendly

After a day of skiing, leave the skis behind and put on the hiking boots. Disconnect from the material world, and connect to nature at Parc de la Rivière Doncaster, a dog-friendly winter and summer hiking park in the Laurentian’s. It’s park offers numerous trails, with a range of easy to intermediate options. 

Visiting Parc de la Rivière Doncaster in Winter

Surround yourself with stillness, while getting your blood pumping with exercise. If you’ve never hiked in the Winter, this is the time to start! There is an entrance fee of $7 for adults, but it’s totally worth it. The park ranger will give you a map of the park. If you’re lucky, the park ranger will give you a shot of Caribou after your hike. This is true Quebec culture. My dad and I cheered our shot glasses together before sipping down cold Caribou. After a 6.7 KM hike in Parc de la Rivière Doncaster on Christmas day, the Caribou tasted great.

Parc de la Rivière Doncaster Dog Friendlyparc de la rivere doncaster dog friendly laurentian hiking

Parc de la Rivière Doncaster is one of the only dog friendly hiking areas in the Laurentian region. Especially, during winter. Other places we tried to hike, seclude their trails to only cross-country skiing and snow shoes. Thankfully we found Parc de la Rivière Doncaster, so our German Shepherd Benny could also enjoy the Laurentian’s. Immerse yourself into nature at Parc de la Rivière Doncaster. I’d recommend ski poles for support going up and down the mountain. Also, hiking boots with stable grip are a must if you are going to go up the mountain. However, if you’d rather play it safe, there are trails around the river that are flat. Visiting Parc de la Rivière Doncaster is a must summer, or winter.

Visit Estérel Quebeclac dupuis esterele quebec laurentians

Estérel Quebec is a cottage community surrounded by lakes in the Laurentian mountains.  Estérel is where we stayed by making a reservation on Air B&B. If you are not yet an Air B&B member click here to enjoy $62 off your first booking! We love Air B&B because we can really stay within local communities. Estérel Quebec is a 20 minute drive from Parc de la Rivière Doncaster, a 20 minute drive to Mont St Sauveur, and a 18 minute drive from Mount Olympia. We loved the location for getting around the Laurentians. Especially because our favourite Breakfast Restaurant was only 18 minutes away. Restaurant au Petit Poucet is located at 1030 Rte 117, in Val-David, Quebec and is the best breakfast in the region. Anyone visiting the Laurentian’s must visit Restaurant au Petit Poucet for traditional Quebec French cooking. Enjoy smoked ham, beans, fresh french bread, crisp bacon, and grandma’s styled crepes. 
Every morning, I’d walk Benny as the sun would rise, just amazed by the Winter beauty. We were surrounded by frozen lakes, Lac Dupuis and Lac Du Nord that were lined with animals tracks and Ski Doo trails. We loved Estérel Quebec so much that we started to look at cottages to buy in the region. However, we do that everywhere we go 🙂 That is what it means to be a Citizen of the World.
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Ski Mount Olympia

Feel like an olympic skier at Mount Olympia. For our last and final ski day, we went to ski Mount Olympia. If you think skiing Mont St-Sauveur and Mont Tremblant are too busy, than you’ll love Skiing Mount Olympia! A great beginner hill, but also interesting for intermediate skiers too, mount Olympia is a must for a Quebec Winter Laurentian Getaway. Mount Olympia is mostly locals, as most tourists go straight for Mont Tremblant or St-Sauveur, however skiing Mount Olympia offers great views of the Laurentian mountains and skiing for a discount. Book online here, and save money.

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When are you heading to Quebec? Are you going to Ski Mont St Sauveur, and visit Parc de la Rivière Doncaster? Will you stay in Esterel Quebec? Whatever your Laurentian plans are, I’d love to hear about it. What do you love about holidays in the Laurentians? Stay tuned for blogs on how to enjoy Carnival in Quebec City in -40 degree Celsius weather. Looking for a warmer destination? Visit Cuba, Costa Rica or Peru!