Travelling to Máncora, Peru

Travelling to Máncora was one of my best travel decisions. Once I arrived in Máncora, I didn’t want to leave. A friendly, beach town filled with bronzed surfers and a laid back surrounding that can make any back packer feel at home. Travelling to Máncora, Peru completed my South American adventure! Check out the hostels and hotels available in Máncora on today.

After 5 and a half months of living in Brazil, then backpacking South America, Máncora was one of my final destinations. Here I was, all alone ready for anything to come by way. It’s in Máncora that I had time to figure out how I really was. After months of travelling, in Máncora I discovered I was an entrepreneur.

How do you get to Máncora, Peru?

Travelling to Máncora, Peru from Lima was a long 18 hour bus ride. Once I arrived in Máncora, I didn’t want to leave. A friendly, beach town filled with bronzed surfers and a laid back surrounding that can make any back packer feel at home.

Things to do

There are limitless things to do in Máncora. Typically a party town by evening, during the day colorful tuk-tuks are everywhere ready to bring you anywhere. I got onto a frail Tuk Tuk to El Ñuro, a port and tourist attraction due to gigantic turtles that swim by the long pier. Only a 20 km drive in the Tuk Tuk as I held on for my life. Once I jumped into the the warm ocean, I was scared of the large turtles. They would swim all around me, even underneath! I got over my fears and swam alongside the large creatures, anyway!

Other things to do included several bars on the beach, smoothie shacks, pizza joints, and the opportunity to rent kayaks or surf boards. Little waves made it a great place for beginners to practice surfing.

Visiting Máncora, Peru

A visit to Peru is not complete without visiting Máncora, Peru. Sure, visiting Machu Picchu is amazing, but equally so is appreciating the laid back nature of Peruvian beach communities.

I loved Máncora, Peru SO much that I didn’t want to go. I had a bright idea of renting property, and starting a restaurant. It was really exciting as I imagined this whole future of living in Máncora. That’s what this perfect hippy community will do to you! Evidently, I did not pursue my business dreams, but I do dream of visiting Máncora again!

May 21 2015,

“I’ve got an idea to purchase beachfront property in Mancora here and start a restaurant. It’s the most basic, cheap, and undiscovered surf town I’ve seen in my whole journey. I keep saying how I don’t want to leave this place, and from my journey, I’ve learned that I want to own my own business.” Excerpt from Citizen of the World, the Book.

citizen of the world book

Máncora Peru Beach

Máncora, Peru beach

After hiking through the Andes mountains, time to relax at Máncora Peru’s beach is essential. I was surprised to see how very few tourists were in Máncora when I visited in May 2015. The tranquillity and peace was divine at this point in my journey.

There was something about Peru that I fell in love with. I felt Peru to be the perfect escape, the perfect vacation destination. With pristine beaches, mesmerizing mountain landscapes, and fresh, quality food, Peru was a delight. I visited Peru during their low season so I experienced a lot of peace and tranquility. Learning how to speak Spanish before visiting Peru? Check out these tips for learning a foreign language.

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