Travel The World Cheap


Citizen’s of the world travel the world cheap thanks to their frugal traits. Want to learn how to travel the world cheap? Want to discover the world, but don’t have much money? Here are 8 free tips for traveling the world cheap. You’re welcome. Keep reading 😉

Save Money Travelling

I especially like to save money travelling, so that I can travel more! My dad still jokes about the time in Costa Rica where I booked a hostel, that didn’t have warm water. As a result, my dad was unable to shave for a week. He ended up thanking me for how carefree and natural he felt. If you want to travel cheap, you have to adapt a very different lifestyle. Perhaps stay with locals like I did in Jamaica!? This is usually why people travel to, so consciously by making the decision to travel, you are making the decision to save money!

Citizen of the World

All of the advice here comes from my experiences traveling. Which, have been transferred into Citizen of the World the Book.

Travel the World Cheap and Simple

Free yourself and gentle blessings will start to come to you. I spent two years of my life traveling, WITHOUT making money. I had no choice but to exercise frugal traveling. Traveling the world cheap is possible. Whether you want to travel for 6 months, or if you want to travel for a year, anything is possible.

I did not buy new clothes

Citizen of the world girls on beach in Brazil.

Learn to be happy with what you have. Instead of buying new clothes, I wore the same clothes for pretty much two years. I sometimes used my towel as a dress, which was also sometimes a scarf (see picture later on in post). I was versatile! Clothes and my appearance didn’t concern me, as I was happy to be where I was. Not buying new clothes allows you to travel the world cheap. Click here for tips for packing carry on luggage.

Spend money ONLY when absolutely necessary.

If it wasn’t necessary travel, or food, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t buy souvenirs. I didn’t need dust collectors. Instead, I picked local fruit wherever I could. I kept everything on my backpack. The last thing I wanted was more weight on my back! If this sounds tough for you, check out Citizen of the World Podcast Episode 004, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose 🙂

Walk Everywhere.

Hiking Champada Diamentina, Bahia, Brazil
Champada Diamentina, Bahia, Brazil

Save money by walking. Explored every inch of a city or national park that you can! I saved money while traveling by avoiding public transportation and walking everywhere. Instead of paying for the shuttle to get to the top of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, I hiked through Parque Nacional da Tijuca. I explored national parks wherever I could. By saving money, I was also exercising and truly experiencing the regions I was visiting.

Hostel Experience

Search websites like and to research cheap rooms or bunk beds to rent. You can travel the world cheap by avoiding 5 star hotels. People who travel the world cheap do so by living simply.

AIESECs volunteer exchange.

Volunteer and host in Brazil on Christmas day
Christina and I, Christmas Day in Brazil

It’s possible to travel the world cheap by participating in an exchange program. I volunteered with a non-for-profit organization in Brasilia, Brazil, so in exchange I received housing for 2 months. I stayed with a retired school teacher who didn’t speak English. Christina forced me to learn a new language. In just a few days, I learned Portuguese words. In 3 months time, I would be having fluent conversations in Portuguese! By traveling the world cheap, the universe gives you more than anything money could ever by.

CouchSurfing App

travel the world
travel the world cheap

You can travel the world cheap by staying in local homes. Sometimes for free by using the platform, CouchSurfing. CouchSurfing allows travellers and hosts to connect by viewing each other’s profiles. In Brazil, I used CouchSurfing to find accommodation with locals, but also to learn from them. I learned about Brazilian culture because I spent time listening and learning from everyone I met on Couchsurfing. It was enriching and proves that it’s possible to travel the world cheap. In Portugal, my Couchsurfing experience brought me to a local fish market where I bought Octopus to make soup!


Eat With The Locals

Street food in Salta, Argentina while backpacking
Street Food in Salta, Argentina

My best advice for eating with locals. Go wherever there’s a line up of local people because you know it’s going to be affordable and delicious. Street food is your friend because it allows you to travel the world cheap. I still think about delicious Tacos in Mexico City because there’s taco vendors at every corner selling you fresh, spicy tacos. Also, Brazil is famous for their “Comida a la kilo” restaurants. Restaurants that charge you by weight can be cheaper and you see exactly what you are eating. To cut costs low when traveling, I also do groceries locally amongst the local people.

Say Yes to Authentic Experiences

travel the world cheap
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am always seeking authentic experiences. Ones where humans can connect and learn from one another. I always avoid tourist excursions and
tourist traps because they will be expensive and not worth your time. There is so much joy in free activities like free walking tours, hiking in forests, or window shopping in cities. Travel the world cheap by enjoying the little things that life has to offer. That’s why we travel so we can slow down and appreciate life.

How do you travel the world cheap?