Travel For Spiritual Growth

We either travel for spiritual growth, or to learn something new about the environment we’re visiting. Us travellers thrive off the wisdom that travel teaches. Staying stagnant does not foster growth, which is why I can’t stay still for very long. Continuously learning about myself, and the world around me allows me to increase my spirituality. Travelling makes me feel alive, and reminds me how alive I truly am when my emotions get the best of me. My spirituality calms down my emotions as I’m forever eager to explore new places. I cannot choose to be afraid, as I need travel for spiritual growth. Choosing to calm your emotions, is something I learned while traveling. What lessons have you learned travelling?

Where Can I go for a Spiritual Journey?

spiritual hiking trip israel
Southern District, Israel

Only you know where you should travel to for a spiritual journey. Ask yourself where you’d like to go if you could go anywhere tomorrow? The reality is that you can go anywhere, tomorrow. All thats stopping you, is yourself.

San Francisco, California

I, Kathleen Parisien Citizen of the World want to help you jump out of your comfort zone. My Book, Citizen of the World is a guide to kick start your spiritual journey through self-exploratory questions. Not sure what your purpose or true potential is? Citizen of the World, the book can help ignite a spiritual journey within you.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Travel for Spiritual Growth

When traveling with the intention of spiritual growth, human beings allows themselves to be open. Open to new people, to the universe, and open to new adventures. Instead of going to a resort for 7 days, traveling for spiritual growth allows you to connect with others, build relationships, and to learn from one another. By eating with locals, walking new cities and learning new cultures, our lives become enriched.

travel for spiritual growth san mateo california libby and len traubman
San Mateo California – Libby and Len Traubman November 2017

Had I not embarked on a spiritual journey to California in November 2017, I would have never met the amazing couple Len and Libby Traubman. The Traubman’s are true pioneers of peace by hosting Palestinian and Israeli living room dialogue groups for over 30 years. According to the Traubman’s, “An enemy is just someone who’s story you’ve never heard”. Such wisdom, that I could have only gained by stepping outside of my comfort zone, and visiting the Traubman’s in their house.

Spiritual Countries

Brazil would have to be one of the best Spiritual Countries in the world. It is in South America that I experienced my most profound spiritual journey. However, it is was in Brazil that I became conscious of my spirituality. There was no more anxiety or worry, rather I was on the right path. My spirituality grew significantly as even though I was alone, I knew I wasn’t truly alone. There was always a higher presence keeping me safe, and guiding me to my true potential. I gave myself space to walk where I was supposed to walk, and meet the people I was divined to meet.

Rio de Janeiro, Pão de Açúcar

Second to Brazil, I recommend Peru as a Spiritual Country. Be sure to visit Máncora, Peru. Máncora is a laid back, sandy surf-town in the North of Peru. I visited Máncora alone, and had plenty of time for meditation, self-reflection, reading and just walking around. It was spiritual to be alone with my thoughts, in such a positive energy environment. I felt so comfortable, I wanted to move to Máncora instead of flying back to Canada.

spiritual journey of self discovery  mancora peru
Máncora, Peru

Do you give yourself time and space to pursue your divinity?

Solo Spiritual Travel

The best way to truly find yourself is through solo spiritual travel. This is when we as individuals depend on ourselves. Only enhancing our self confidence, through our journey’s of self-discovery. Traveling alone is essential for a greater spiritual connection with one self. It is through being alone that the consciousness opens up to the inner. Always going about the same daily routine, doesn’t give much space for the inner to thrive. Staying in the same hamster wheel will not allow your consciousness to grow. However, through traveling and being outside of your comfort zone, being alone in new environments, your inner light starts to shine. Traveling solo is very much a spiritual adventure.

outside your comfort zone spiritual travel

Spiritual Trips to Find Yourself

It’s therapeutic to get yourself lost, then find yourself. Taking a break from your life should be encouraged, especially if you are trying to find yourself. It’s okay to go against societal expectations, take a leave of absence and go on a spiritual trip. Companies should be paying their employees to take spiritual trips as it’s these trips that re-ignite passion, life and adventure into one’s life. Opportunities to be creativity and feel like a child again are possible with traveling. Next time you’re feeling like you need a break, take one! You’ll do yourself a world of wonders by recharging, resetting and refocusing on your intentions.