Tips for Carry On Luggage

When traveling, I always choose carry on luggage because I enjoy the simplicity and freedom carry on luggage entails. Check out these tips for packing carry on luggage for your next adventure. You’ll enjoy the simplicity, and the amount of time and money you’ll save!

Tips for Carry On Luggage Mindset

Traveling with carry on luggage is all about having the right mindset. Free yourself from excessive material belongings by only packing what you need. Not only will this bring you peace while packing, but also when you’re actually on vacation. You’ll save time worrying about what to wear, because you’ve taken out the complexity of having to choose. Now, you can spend more time actually enjoying your vacation.

Human beings go on vacation to liberate themselves, so why not limit the amount of stuff you bring on your next vacation? Embrace the right mindset to truly experience freedom and bliss while on vacation. Let go of material belongings, and a world of wonder is waiting for you.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. As I used to have a bad habit of packing way too much stuff. For 6 months, I had everything but the kitchen sink on my back. I regretted how much stuff I brought. Of course, I started to give things away just to make up space. Space in my backpack, but also space in my mind. I didn’t need all these things. Somehow our ego thinks we need this, that, and the other thing, when in reality we don’t.

Tips for Carry On Travel Mindset

Backpacking throughout South America taught me a lot about being minimalistic. Of course, 6 months in a foreign continent will do that to you. However, I learned that a simple, minimalist life is best. Spending time working, just to buy stuff that only give us temporary happiness, is just a vicious circle. Sticking to the essentials, is key to living a life of purpose, happiness and freedom. I focused on gaining experiences instead of stuff, so I stopped shopping and saved my money. Money that can of course be spent, travelling. For Tips on how to travel the world cheap, click here. Enriching your life’s moments, instead of cluttering your house or luggage.

Eliminate Excess and Worry

Of course, I thought bringing my snorkel set to Jamaica was essential for my adventure. I just brought it right on the plane with me, as carry-on baggage. Why not? Choose adventure instead of excess and worry. Play a game with yourself to see how less you can survive on. Surprise yourself, step outside your comfort zone and live life!

Packing Tips for Flying

Tips for carry on packing, to liberate your flying experience. Instead of spending time standing in line, and paying fees to check your baggage, head straight right over to security. Speed through security by not packing any liquids about 100 ml, and be sure to place them in a separate clear bag. Avoid packing anything you’re not sure of. Whatever it is, you can buy it at your final destination. In no time, you’re in the comfortable, duty-free section of the airport. Feel free to have a drink, grab a bite to eat or just read a book. At least you have the extra time, because you choose to pack carry on!

Unlock Your True Potential

I help people achieve freedom by unlocking their true potential. You can’t unlock anything deep within you if you’re worried about stuff. Tips for carry on luggage is about freeing yourself from thinking about material things. The reality is that you don’t need all these material things. Free up your mind for creativity, imagining and just enjoying the natural rhythm of life.

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