Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Business with Yannick Jean Jacques

In the Citizen of the World book, I share my daring adventures of quitting my 9-5 job for personal growth in Brazil. 6 months in South America, and then almost in a year in Israel taught me how to live outside my comfort zone. I learned to take a leap of faith and start a business because I had faith, life experience, and practical skills from my travel experiences. Thankfully, those experiences brought us to the Citizen of the World Podcast! Today we have an inspirational guest, Yannick Jean Jacques. From Yannick, we can learn how to take a leap of faith and start a business, or two, or three! 

Episode 20: Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Business with Yannick Jean Jacques

take a leap of faith and start a business

Be sure to watch, listen, or read this very inspirational podcast episode. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a mentor
  • Focusing on helping people, instead of making money
  • How to step outside your comfort zone
  • All about personal development
  • Yannick’s daily morning routine
  • How to take a leap of faith and start a business
  • How to make residual income

Yannick Jean Jacques is a personal trainer and business owner. He is the most inspirational person that I follow on Instagram and was so excited to interview him for the podcast. Yannick is a true fitness inspiration who is always posting inspirational videos, pictures, and quotes on Instagram. Welcome to a business coaching podcast that helps people see other real-life human beings that have stepped outside of their comfort zone, and into the unknown. Whatever you want to accomplish, all is possible! Be inspired to take a leap of faith and start a business with Yannick Jean Jacques.

Yannick’s Background

Yannick is originally from Dominica, a small island in the central Caribbean. He moved to Canada in 2003, when he was 16 years old. Instantly, he fell in love with basketball and fitness. That is when his fitness journey started. What really guided Yannick was having a mentor. Having someone actually take him under their wing to coach and educate him. His mentor is why Yannick is where he is today. Yannick preaches about the importance of a mentor.

Did your mentor play a role in starting a business?

“He unlocked my passion for helping people”. My mentor said, “It’s great your playing basketball, but you need focus”. Then, the mentor dedicated an entire summer to Yannick, and in return, Yannick had to dedicate time to the mentor. He started taking his advice by training every day while learning overall life skills. There’s a certain feeling when you are being coached and you see your progression. A shift happened for Yannick, on the inside. This feeling kept growing, and Yannick wanted to give that feeling to other people. How could he do that? Yannick suddenly saw himself helping others with health. And, then, later on, it became a business. 

basketbal Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Business

Starting a business was a natural progression for Yannick

Because of his mentor, he was inspired to give back to others. For Yannick, some people are there to help pivot our lives, to give us a different perspective, and to shift our minds. He wanted to impact people’s lives to plant and shift. For Yannick, money wasn’t his motivator. He just wanted to help others.

When you love what you do, it shouldn’t feel like a job!

Yannick’s job doesn’t feel like helping others is a job, at all. Yannick discloses how in the beginning he had a hard time charging people! It was a true blockage for him. He didn’t see himself charging a premium for the work that you do. But at the same time, he had to make a living. For Yannick, it’s so much fun to help someone live healthier. It’s a true pleasure that he is having fun every day, and doesn’t feel like he’s working. 

“Good entrepreneurs just focus on giving, and don’t know how to set their price points”.

How did Yannick transition away from a 9-5 to starting his own business?

He worked at a veteran health care center for 6 years. Throughout these years, he would always train at the gym. Part-time he would help out a couple of people. It was a routine of working in the morning, then going to the gym. Then, Yannick reached a point where he wanted to grow. He could see himself growing and flourishing in training while helping people with their habits and mindsets. So, he asked his superiors if he could grow in the health care center. He asked if there was anything else he could have done. They pretty much said, just keep doing what you’re doing. There was no opportunity for improvement, no room for growth! So, suddenly it was easy for Yannick that he realized he couldn’t stay there. Now, this was a year ago. 

Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Business

Taking a leap of faith to start a business

Yannick just took a leap of faith. He didn’t know how life would work out. Whenever you take a leap of faith, and you act in accordance with your faith, God helps you. He sees you and meets you halfway. If you don’t take the leap of faith, it’s because you didn’t act. Yannick took action, put two feet in, and jumped. Then, people heard he was going full-time, so he started getting referrals. He took action at the right time and the universe just opened up.  For Yannick, it’s all about the growth.


“Staying in your comfort zone kills. If you don’t progress, you are only regressing. There is nothing ever static”

Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Business exercise

How has your business evolved in a year?

It’s been an interesting learning curve. He’s a great trainer and gets good referrals. That’s how his business took out. Just by doing good, others wanted to be apart of his business. Over time, the more he trains people, the more he gets referrals!


“Consistency builds credibility”.

The more you put in the work, the more credible you are. When you do something good, other people want a part of it. Yannick doesn’t need to be hard on sales, or pushy, people just want to train with him. 

How have you been able to be tough, but not too tough?

As an athlete, playing basketball, coaches are always on us. If we’d show up for practice one minute early, we’re already late. He cannot be hard on his clients the same way his coach was. It’s all about relationships. You have to learn who the person is that your working with. Yannick believes the structure is the DNA of success. Building authentic relationships with clients allows you to understand them better. 

“My goal is to bend you not to break you. If I can bend you, I can shift you, without pushing you over the edge”

“The more someone needs to change, the less change they can handle”.

He focuses on small lifestyle changes slowly and keeps adding over 12 weeks’ time. Eventually, the habits are transformed. But, you cannot change it all at once.

How have you changed people’s lives?

With influence! “Water wears away the stone”. Yannick tries to provide more than motivation to his clients. People change by influencing their mindset. By his clients seeing Yannick to the work, it influences them. Yannick is authentic. He practices what he preaches. He is constantly posting videos of him working out. He is consistent. Yannick really is authentic. Other trainers just come out of nowhere, but Yannick has a natural authenticity. As a result, people want to surround themselves with you.

This story will give you goosebumps!

Yannick was working with one client for 4-5 months. She was so dedicated. That’s the thing, be consistent and dedicated. She lost almost 40 pounds. In the beginning, she wasn’t able to do one push up. In the end, she was doing 10 pushups from her toes. One day, we were training and everything was going great. Then, all of a sudden she started to cry. At first, Yannick thought he offended her. Then she said, “Yannick you don’t understand what you’re doing for me. The things I never thought I could do, the weight I never thought I could lose. Everything shifted because of you”. Yannick was taken back, and totally thankful to be apart of her journey. TO him, that is a success. This is bigger than any amount of money that he’s earned. That’s one of Yannick’s most powerful moments. Telling the story, gave myself and Yannick goosebumps.

“We each have a light within us, and if we just tap into our true purpose, we ignite the light in other people. That is exactly what Yannick is doing. He’s not focused on the money, but rather he’d doing God’s work”

How has God played a role in your life and in your business?

Take a Leap of Faith and Start a Business have faith and believe in god

It’s called Kingdom fitness for a reason! Yannick had another name for his business, but God has definitely touched his life. He grew up in the church but left when he came to Canada. Later on, he started going back to church and that’s when faith became a priority. For Yannick, “Without faith, it’s impossible to do anything”. God has opened up my eyes and given me a whole new life”. Because of God’s love, Yannick is able to transfer that energy to other people. Yannick does believe that he’s doing what his purpose is. Every day he feels good, knowing that he is living his true purpose.

Faith in Business

This is God’s work. Our body is our temple. Imagine God wants to live in your body, how are you treating your body? If he wants to be in your body, how are you treating your body? Some wise words of wisdom, “You can’t be eating cake, and drinking juice all day. You have to be healthy”. Health is Wealth. It takes faith. People might not be where they want to be right now, but Yannick inspires faith and belief. Even though you don’t have something now, it’s in your mind, you can achieve it. Each time you take a step, it’s a step with faith. If Yannick didn’t jump into his business with faith,  he would probably still be working 9-5.


“The more you have faith, the more you can do whatever you want. Darkness takes over, but keep with faith, ask for help, and get to the next levels”.

Let go of negativity

Sometimes there is negativity. There is always a yin and yang. According to Yannick, thoughts will come and go. But we have control over the thoughts we have. For example, if it’s not an empowering thought, let it go. Strength training helps with this as it is a form of meditation. “You get to feel your core self”.  It helps you better align with what is important. Your health!

What is Yannick’s morning routine?

have faith and start a business

Yes, sometimes. But, not just sitting down and breathing. Instead, Yannick reads scriptures and the bible. Most mornings, he will do two things. Read his bible for a few minutes, and then take time for personal growth. He also does it throughout the day, but he structures his morning for reading the bible and personal growth. This helps start the day with a positive mindset. This challenges yourself to grow powerfully. If you can start your day with something positive, instead of reading the news or social media, it will have a great impact on your health. 


“Why not take control of the start of your day?… if everyone had a morning routine, we’d have more productivity”

Personal Growth with Arbonne

As Yannick had mentioned, he had to leave his 9-5 job to grow. Now, working at Arbonne, Yannick has the freedom for personal growth. Arbonne has taken him out of his comfort zone. This is the only way to grow! Arbonne is a very good investment that Yannick has made. He loves the products. Within network marketing, they recommend books to read and have constant training. Arbonne reps have mentors, who themselves have achieved greatness that guide them every day. 

Law of Attraction

If you want to be great, you need to surround yourself with greatness. Yannick states, “You are like the 5 people you surround yourself with”. They want to achieve more and help more people. Just the fact that he’s around the group, the energy is attracting him, and he cant stay within his comfort zone. He can only grow by learning and then taking action.

Residual Income

Yannick was reading the “Secrets of the millionaire mind”. Imagine you are aiming, about the set a target. It’s “Ready, aim, fire”. But in business, it’s not like that. You can aim, then you see something you need to change. Instead, in business, it’s “ready, fire, aim”. You need to take action and that is what Arbonne inspires you to do. Arbonne’s made him a better entrepreneur as he has more communication with different people, from different backgrounds and different careers. In addition, he’s getting coached on how to have a successful business. All of this is allowing him to grow while learning how to create wealth, a passive income. These are things he wasn’t taught growing up, but this is what we should have learned in school! Learning how to create a passive income source is by far one of the best things he’s ever done. All the more reason to take a leap of faith and start a business today.

“To be successful, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people”.

Yannick joining MLM is a natural transition

“Life shouldn’t be about stress, it should be about giving back to others, and making the world a better place”.

Allowing a business to happen naturally is the best kind of business. To flow like water, and not push but to continuously take action. If you’re open-minded, opportunities do arise. Be sure to read Citizen of the World: A Guide to Self Discovery and Adventure the book to expand your perspective and see what happens when you do let life takes its course.

What Arbonne products does Yannick love the most?

The strawberry protein powder! It’s all plant-based and is different than whey protein, but it’s all-natural and tastes good. It’s easily digestible and has a lot of good, safe nutrients.

In addition, Yannick likes digestive aid. It helps with bloating. With Arbonne, they have 30 days to healthy living programs. What Yannick noticed in just a few weeks was that his gut health was healthier and he was digesting food better. He was able to see less bloating. I know from using whey protein, it definitely causes bloat! Yannick did the 30 days to Arbonne’s 30 days to healthy living program. It was an easy diet change as he eliminated empty carbs and added products to boost body performance.

Is MLM for you?



If you have a heart for helping people, MLM could be for you! Be sure to follow Yannick on Instagram. If you want to train with Yannick to accomplish health goals, be sure to reach out. Zoom Fitness Boot Camps are happening, and you could be reaching! You won’t regret it. Want to learn more about the benefits of MLM? Check out this Citizen of the World Podcast episode.

“An apple tree doesn’t grow apples for itself”.

Thank you, Yannick for being on the Citizen of the World podcast.

I hope this podcast episode has inspired you to take a leap of faith and start a business. Whatever it is, you will grow from the experience. I promise you. Take action, just like Yannick did and continues to do. Keep growing, reaching up, and crushing new goals! Check out previous podcasts here.