Self-Discovery Through Travel

Self discovery through travel changed my life.  Are you curious about the world of solo travel? Thinking of traveling, but scared too?  I was also scared, but took a leap of faith anyway. The world opens up to us when we give time to travel. To travel is to step outside our comfort zones. Traveling makes us tolerant of other cultures and inspires us to learn new languages. Traveling made me realize we are all Citizen’s of the World. We as human beings always have the ability to connect. By  immersing ourselves within the communities we travel to, we’re building relationships with people we would have otherwise never met. The educational component of travel is profound, as were able to connect emotionally with people and places.

portugal citizen of the world

Looking to discover yourself? Connect with me!

My journey of self discovery through travel is exposed in my book, Citizen of the World. Through highlight my emotions, anxieties, fears, and joys out there for everyone to read, perhaps travel will be inspired. My desire is through reading Citizen of the World, you’ll let go of any fears you might have, and start living your life the way you want to. Looking for more freedom? Click here.

Self discovery through travel: adventure

self discovery through travel

After quitting my job to travel the world, I gained clarity, perspective and self awareness. Connections and relationships I had build with people from all around the world changed me.

self discovery through travel through intimate relationships

In my book, Citizen of the World, I recount my experiences in South America. How I was exploring cities and countries I had never heard before. Like the famous La Boca Neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Or, like the time I backpacked throughout Uruguay. I even learned how to speak Portuguese in Brazil. All of these experiences transformed me into an entrepreneur. If you are seeking more freedom in your life, this book is for you. I will show you that nothing is impossible.

Self-discovery through travel opened my eyes to all that the universe has to offer. Rather than seeing life as finite, acknowledge the abundance.

“A rolling rock gathers no moss” ~ Unknown

self-discovery through travel

Self Discovery for Your Soul

Self discovery doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s playful and creative, if you allow it to be! Do not resist what your intuition is telling you. Always go in the direction of that little voice as that is your soul asking to be acknowledged.

travel makes you grow

Self discovery is often neglected in Western society. Taking a break from it all, is essential. It’s therapeutic because we allow our souls the time to calm down and just be alive. The time I took to back pack, meet new people, and explore new surroundings opened my soul. A whole new life came before me, because of this great new relationship I had with myself, and my inner soul. Self discovery is the cure to a lot of modern day psychological issues.

Allow Self-Discovery through Travel

Give yourself time to just be yourself. Uninterrupted time to allow for the self-discovery process to begin. There is no self-discovery with a rigid itinerary. Rather, our souls want space, peace and quiet to thrive.

When’s the last time you just had time for yourself? To do whatever you wanted? Time is a precious commodity so in 2015, I let go of a 9-5 job that unfulfilled me. Since then, I let go of material goods and traveled the world cheap. I gave myself time for self-discovery; to travel, to explore, for adventure and to grow. This time allowed me to grow. I found my purpose, which is what I was seeking all along.

Travel isn’t for you?

My journey of self-discovery leads me to a life of fulfillment. Everyday I am still on a mission of self-discovery, just not as dramatic as moving across the world. I’ve been there, and done that.

self discovery through travel


There are easier ways to accomplish self-discovery, without moving half way across the world. Now, I am growing roots and spreading my wings. I incorporate yoga into my weekly exercise routine. Yoga keeps my mind clear, and allows for a quieter type of self-discovery.  Time for my physical mind to relax, and for my inner breath to dominate my space. My breath is what guides me through the different postures. Through yoga, I grow deeper into self-love and self-nourishment. Not only is yoga an opportunity for self-discovery, also it’s time spent in solitude. Spending time away from electronics and distractions allows more creative ideas to flow. Through yoga, I am rejuvenated similarly to how I felt on my self-discovery pilgrimage.  Like travelling, yoga allows our minds to flow like water, thus creating new paths of self-discovery for ourselves.

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After all, wherever you are in the world, and no matter what is happening in your current life situation, take time for self-discovery. The more time spent nourishing oneself is an investment into the future, similarly to a back account. Except this reward has no dollar sign!

Afraid to take risks? Go towards your fears. They are trying to tell you something.

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