Part One: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in South America

Part One: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in South America



Citizen of the World: See the World, Change the World

Part One: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in South America

citizen of the world part 1 south america

Citizen of the World is an inspirational workbook to get out of your comfort zone. Live a life of adventure by designing your own destiny. Read a courageous story about a 24 year old Canadian girl, who quit her 9-5 job and traveled the world for a life changing trip. Learn about the highs and lows of volunteering internationally, backpacking South America and being an International Student in Israel. Each cultural experience makes us who we are today

Citizen of the World is a personal travel diary of self discovery. Author, Kathleen Parisien was trying to find her place in the world, and often questioned her life’s purpose. Through stepping outside her comfort zone, Kathleen Parisien shows how precious life is, when we actually start living and stop planning. Through travel, learn your life’s purpose and design your own life based on your potential.

To see the world, is to change the world. Become a Citizen of the World by learning about the world and it’s different cultures.

  • A global citizen takes cultural immersion trips to gain different perspectives, and learn new ways of life.
  • Explore the South American continent and the Middle East by learning the locale, all while by staying in the comforts of your home.
  • Become inspired to learn about different cultures, by traveling and immersing yourself in foreign countries.
  • Use Citizen of the World  as a mindful workbook, with self-discovery questions to trigger, and ignite your inner passions. Give yourself time for self-reflection as you go through Kathleen’s travels.

citizen of the world kathleen parisien

Part One of Citizen of the World ebook Series

At the age of 23, seeking for her life’s purpose, Kathleen Parisien left home. She was seeking her life’s purpose, and felt a calling to do something bigger and greater with her life. She refused to settle for just a comfortable life, when there’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored.

In Part One, Author Kathleen Parisien steps outside her comfort zone to volunteer in Brazil. After volunteering, she set out backpacking solo in South America where she found love, adventure, chaos, and herself.

  • Dance Samba with Locals in Rio de Janeiro
  • Learn about AIESEC and Staying with a Host
  • Discover Brasilia, Brazil
  • Learn to Flow like Water
  • Brazilian Carnival in Salvador, Bahia
  • Falling in Love with an Israeli
  • Learning how to Surf in Itacaré Brazil
  • Backpacking Solo in South America
  • Tinder in Brazil
  • Couchsurfing in Brazil
  • Minas Gerais – Visiting Ouro Preto
  • Crime in Curitiba
  • Visiting Uruguay
  • Walking the Streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Renting Bikes and Drinking Wine in Mendoza, Argentina
  • Pregnancy in Argentina – Illegal abortion in Uruguay
  • Bolivian Amazonas
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Alone in Mancora Peru
  • Full Circle in Rio de Janeiro
  • Restless in Canada


Where is Kathleen going next? Citizen of the World Part Two Israel and Palestine to come. Alternatively, purchase Citizen of the World the complete series here.

Kathleen Parisien shows that personal growth occurs outside our comfort zones. Instead of accepting a mundane life, dream big and transform your dreams into a reality.

  • Inspire action outside your comfort zone
  • Learn how to volunteering abroad can open countless opportunities for your future
  • Learn about the world through travel
  • Be encouraged to learn about the world around you, by jumping into the world of travel
  • Quit making excuses for yourself, and get inspired to propel into action

Citizen of the World is the ideal travel book for women. Develop the confidence, fearlessness and courage necessary to kickstart your own international adventure. Reading female travel books can give you an idea of traveling solo, without actually doing it – yet!


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