5 Ways To Make Money Being You

Time to slow down, time to reflect, time to stay home, and go within. While this may sound scary to some, being alone leads to greater confidence. Spending time for self-discovery, for figuring out yourself, your intentions, and where you see yourself in 5 years, will lead to achieving your dreams and living life to the fullest. Discover how to work from home to live a life of freedom. Welcome to Citizen of the World Podcast, Episode 12. Start asking yourself critical questions about your work/life balance. Now, that we’re all forced to take time to relax, I hope you use this time to discover new ways to make money, being you. Because, what we’re going to talk about today is putting yourself and your family, above corporate needs. I’m giving you the motivation to be your own boss, insight on which industries thrive during recessions, and 5 ways that you can make money being you.

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Make Money Being You – An Opportunity to Grow

In every challenge, there is a silver lining. What is your silver lining? What are you doing with more time at home? We have the power to determine our futures if we can choose to put your thoughts into action, sooner rather than later. By choosing to have faith, and not fear you can decide the silver lining in this pandemic. How will this time inspire new thoughts, new intentions, and a new direction for your life? I urge you to see this as an opportunity to grow, it’s not the time to crawl under the blankets.

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Seeing families together, spending time outdoors isn’t something I would often see while walking my dog prior to 1 week ago. Maybe I’d see a mom with her children, but rarely the whole family outside taking a walk. The point is spending time together, free of distractions, the stress of work, but actually just being together with their families. Why does it take a global pandemic to do something so simple? These days,I see a lot more families taking walks, more people posting nourishing meals on Instagram, and more people workout out at home. We’re all making it work. We evolve, we adapt, we transform. That’s what human beings do.

Eliminate Distractions = Make Money Being You 

We live in a society with mass distraction as of now, those distractions are limited, so we can start to see the essence of life. When I was writing my book, I craved isolation so I could complete my book. Instead, I had to self isolate and distance myself from all distractions. Now, it’s much easier as you don’t have to distance yourself, that’s what’s happening right now. Use this time to your advantage – to see what’s really important. By more and more people spending time with their loved ones, they are already seeing what’s more important. Parents are undistracted with work with their children at the park.

  • How often does your job take over your life, not allowing you to take time for yourself or your family?
  • If your work consumes you, please ask yourself why you’re doing this to yourself. 

While I understand small businesses are losing money, and people are getting laid off left, right, and center, I get it. I am also losing income right now. But, the economy will bounce back. Worrying, being scared and anxious will not help. I have to say, welcome to the life of a commission sales rep. Our pay isn’t guaranteed. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but every day we show up. And so, the money flows. The same can happen for you if you start making money being you.

Comfortable with the Unknown

I’m used to being comfortable in the unknown. Everything in life is unknown, so getting comfortable with the highs and lows, is a good skill to have. We can’t predict, plan, or expect anything. If we thought we were safe before, it’s only an illusion. Life is unpredictable. And, when we stick within comfort zones, something else is being sacrificed. Instead, climb to challenges to learn resilience. Keep going through the face of adversity.

Eliminate Stress

As humans, we are not designed to live stressful lives. Eastern medicine shows us that stress causes cancer. We are damaging ourselves, our families, our societies, and the planet by living with so much stress. Do people who work from home, have less stress?

Ask yourself,

  • Do you focus more on work than you do your family life? Or, on yourself?
  • What if you spent less time worrying about someone else’s company, than your own life?
  • Do you put your employer above your interests and those of your family?
  • Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Eliminate Stress and Get Paid to Be You

    Well, society from a young age conditioned us to work 9-5 jobs, because hard work, by the hour, would bring success. What if times have changed? What if less work is actually better to work? And, focusing on your life, hobbies, family, and actually living, instead of stressing, is the way to getting paid to be you. Work from home for less stress, and more ME time.

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Working from Home

  • Have you enjoyed working from home these past few days?
  • Spending time with your family instead of commuting in traffic?

You don’t need to be a certain way or act a certain way for society. There’s no blueprint saying you have to work 9-5, rather you can work from home. Instead, be your authentic self and make money being you. I’ve been working from home for the past 4 years, whatever you dream, you can achieve. It starts with action and putting yourself first.

How to quit your job after 38 years of Service

Next week, we’ll hear from a guest who will come onto the citizen of the world podcast to share how he worked 38 years with the same company. Working hard for them in all the elements, showing up to work early, being loyal, the perfect employee. Then, after 38 years, he left the company without even any severance, Christmas bonus, nothing.

Keep Your Energy = Get Paid to Be YOU

So, why are we working so hard for someone else? We can’t put all our faith and loyalty to corporations. They want to make money. Their bottom line is making money, so your well being is always secondary. Why subject yourself to such subordination? Don’t give away your energy and power to someone else, keep it for yourself, foster it, and let it work for you. Instead of building someone else’s dream, don’t you want to build your own? The more we show up for ourselves, the more we are shining our god-given light. We are all unique, special, and have skills and strengths that other people are probably paying you for. Why not manifest those skills, get paid yourself, and work from home?

We’ve been giving our power away to other people and businesses, and in the end, what are you left with?

Professional skills, combined with life experience, and expertise are something that is increasing demand. Whatever domain you are working in now, trust me, you have transferable skills that can help you succeed in a different industry.

4 Industries that thrive during recessions

Take control of your own future, and start the hard work needed to develop another revenue stream. What is high demand right now? Here are some industries that thrive during recessions:

  1. Service Industry – Plumbers, appliance repair, financial services, mechanics, and other fields that provide a service. This includes personal trainers, life coaches, career coaches – people are looking for new opportunities right now. If you’re a life coach, this is the time to really shine. Especially virtual assistants – more and more businesses will hire a freelancer to take care of their email, scheduling, and various admin tasks.
  2. Healthcare & Health Research – There’s always a demand for healthcare providers. Government funding, and support to ensure the health of its citizens will hopefully always be at the forefront. Health research will never cease to exist so if this is your industry, start looking for available government funding.
  3. Educators – Especially online teachers, who perhaps teach English abroad, online. 
  4. Online shopping – Amazon store, Shopify, dropshipping, e-commerce, so many different ways to make money online selling someone else’s product, or you can sell your own.

    There’s no industry that’s completely foolproof during recessions, but these industries are more resilient during difficult times.

Put into the universe what you want, and it will give it back to you. But, only if you leave your comfort zone. Nothing good comes from staying stagnant and comfortable. 

Get creative, take time for self-discovery, and do yourself a favor to work from home.

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5 Ways to Make Money Being You

  1. Online course – sell your offerings, expertise, and skills in a well-packaged course.
  2. Write a book  – A lot of people how they are dying to write a book. That it’s taking them years to complete. Take action now, as the book will evolve into much more.
  3. Coaching and Consulting – What solution can you provide someone who is struggling either in life or in business?
  4. Events and workshops – Host online events and workshops to teach others something insightful.
  5. Services – What valuable skill do you have that others will pay for? Web design, translation, blog content, or whatever skill you have. Get working on it, collaborate with an existing business, or just go out on your own. Do whatever you have to do to get in front of your ideal clients.

Confidence Entrepreneur Coach

If you’re looking for confidence, motivation, or tools to start your business from scratch, I am here to help. Don’t take action because you don’t have everything figured out. Discover how you can work from home, and make money being yourself while using the skills you already have to monetize on.

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Get Paid For the Skills You Already Have

I help get paid on the skills and strengths they already have. Most people don’t realize that they can start a business with the skills, and life experience they already have. By working with me, I help eliminate limiting beliefs for new opportunities, and perspectives to arise.

Once you figure that out, the universe will align itself to help you work from home. Worried about web design? Or, getting clients? It all starts with believing in yourself. Work as hard as you do for your employer, and all your dreams can come true. 

I’m Kathleen Parisien, your host of Citizen of the World Podcast. Join Citizen of the World Community on Facebook. Share with me your ideas on how you’d start a business. I’d love to hear all the creative energies. During these weird times, let’s stick together to shine our lights. Stick together, to make the world a better place.

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