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Denise Blake life coach former foster youthEpisode 006 of the Citizen of the World Podcast features Denise Blake, Health and Life Coach. Denise, a former foster youth helps women tap into their potential, to align to their life’s purpose. Through life coaching and helping others, Denise feels like she is fulfilling her purpose. Life coach Denise Blake has a fire within her, and excels at igniting the fire within others.

Life Coach Denise Blake

“I bring women together who want to become better versions of themselves. Whether it is a struggle with self-esteem, body confidence, past trauma, anxiety, unhealthy habits, or anything that is stopping you from becoming who you want to be, I am here for you!  I can be your guru, motivator, cheerleader, second mom, soul sister and HEALTH COACH!” Denise Blake

Citizen of the World Podcast Episode 006
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Welcome Denise Blake Life Coach to the Citizen of the World Podcast!

Tell us about your life coaching business

I empower busy professionals, former foster youth and adoptees:

  • To unlock their potential, so the are able to create anything they desire
  • To inspire individuals to change the way they live day to day to become more aligned with who they want to be
  • And more importantly to love themselves, know their worth, and to align with their life’s purposelife coach denise blake

Why did you get into life coaching?

I got into life coaching during a time when I was searching for more for my life.  I felt that I was meant to do more than just my current profession at the time as a Cardiology Technologist.  I needed to give more to the world, to help with my own personal growth and to answer what I felt was a “calling” from that which is greater. That is how Denise Blake Life Coach came alive!

Have you ever had a life coach?

Yes I did.  During my Life Coach Certification training I had a life coach.  We all had to be each other’s students and coaches as part of the certification process.

I also have been following some famous life coaches and anyone who is putting inspirational content into the world.  I pay attention to what they have been sharing with the world, some of my favourite influencers are Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Trent Shelton, Marie Forleo.

How can past trauma awaken us to our true purposes?

There is no rhyme or reason why some people go through traumatic childhoods.  All of us have some sort of trauma in our lives, but not everyone can awaken their true purpose from it.   I was angry, bitter and resentful of what had happened in my life. I got tired of feeling that way and I opened my eyes to the fact that negative responses breed negativity and positive responses breeds positivity.

I awakened to the fact that I am responsible for my emotions and my life.  I could let my traumatic past dictate my future or I could take all of that negativity and turn it into positivity by helping others.  If I can help one person, then I have made a difference.

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Tell us about your passion for writing. How often do you write? What do you like to write about? How does writing make you feel? 

As Denise Blake Life Coach says, Writing has always been a passion of mine…even since I was old enough to write. I write daily.  Journaling is one of my creative outlets.  It helps get rid of negative thoughts and change them to positive. I enjoy writing motivational and supportive content.

“Writing makes me feel at peace”

Tell us about the book you are in the process of writing

I am currently writing a book about life as a former foster youth who has endured a lot of trauma and how I turned resentment into resilience.  I have been writing it for the last 10 years or so on and off….but I am finally now at a place in my life where I feel the need to tell my story…to share with others and to offer my solutions to overcoming the obstacles I had to face.  It’s sort of a memoir and self help book all wrapped up into one. Sound similar to Citizen of the World: a Guide to Adventure and Self-Discovery.

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Share with us how being creative makes you feel

According to Denise Blake Life Coach, “Being creative makes me happy.  It gives me an outlet to share my inspirational thoughts and ideas to the world.  You never know who you may impact”

What advice do you have for a woman who is struggling to find her strength? What are some things she can do to empower herself and get back on track?

        You have survived all of your worst days so far…that is a good track record. 

        Keep going.  The strength you need is within you. 

        Do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.

        Put your needs first before everyone else – you cant pour from an empty cup

        Find and utilize anything that inspires you:  quotes, podcasts, books, videos, movies…whatever sets your heart on fire

Be sure to visit Denise Blake Life Coach’s Website here.

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Denise recently wrote a beautiful blog called, “Former Foster Youth I am Here for You”. Be sure to check it out here at Denise’s blog.

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