Just Go With Amreen

Citizen of the World the podcast inspires action outside our comfort zones. Listen to the full episode here, or keep reading! In this episode of the Citizen of the World Podcast, we have a special guest, Amreen Khan. Amreen is self-employed and has the freedom to travel wherever, and wherever she wants. She’s based in Dubai, where flights are relatively cheap. “It’s easy to catch connecting flights all around the world”.  In this episode, we talk about how travel has changed her life, and how she aspires to travel solo.

citizen of the world just go with amreen

Just Go With Amreen

Amreen is originally from India, but Dubai has been her home since childhood. Dubai is centrally located for travelers, so she can go anywhere from Dubai. She’s been to more than 26 different countries. She likes to pick a country and visit the country entirely. That’s why she’s been to over 80 cities. Compared to Canada, Dubai is much more affordable to travel.

Step outside our comfort zones to learn about different cultures, and learn new thought processes. Armeen was hoping to visit Canada in 2020, but COVID-19 has grounded us all. Kathleen actually wanted to visit India this year. She had a calling to visit ashrams and see nature. Amreen just got back from India but was actually supposed to go to South East Asia.

Do you always book last minute?

No, Amreen usually book flights at least 3 months in advance. However, it’s funny when we expect something, the universe has different plans. Travel teaches us that we just have to go with the flow. It’s actually better sometimes not to make so many plans. Be flexible, and flow through life fluidly. 

just go with amreen

Amreen’s Photography Business

Past 7 years, she has been a professional photographer. She runs the business with her husband. he photographs weddings, people and portraits. Amreen likes to take pictures of food, so her clients are restaurants and hotels. In addition, she has other photographers that do miscellaneous photography. Thankfully, when she travels, her mother looks after the business.

Do you incorporate business when traveling?

No, but Amreen does incorporate photography. When she went to South America, she dedicated 17 days to just taking pictures. However, because she doesn’t take pictures of the landscape, it’s a challenge for her. She must step outside her comfort zone.

How do you decide where to travel to?

agatti india

Be sure to follow Amreen on Instagram @justgowithamreen. She’s been to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Yerevan, India, South Africa, and much more. Her destinations are random. She enjoys going to places that people don’t go very often. Especially in the last place, she visited. Her husband and she visited the Indian islands of Lakshwadeep. She likes going places were people don’t necessarily know about it. She follows her intuition when deciding where to travel to. Places that are less crowded and fewer people. They still have authenticity. Some places are cheaper, but not the island of Aggati in India. However, only serious travelers who really care will visit unfamiliar places.

Travel Tattoos

Kathleen and Amreen actually have a lot in common, including getting travel tattoos. When Kathleen was 16 years old, she traveled to Mexico and got a tattoo of a palm tree. Instead of buying souvenirs, Amreen gets inked! Her initial plan was to get a tattoo every 1, then it turned into getting a tattoo every time she traveled to a new destination. We like to spend money on the experience, instead of on souveniers

Just Go With Amreen on Youtube

Amreen started a video blog about her travels. Check out her youtube channel here. When on vacation, she films everything! Then, afterward, she has to edit a lot of stuff out. Her inspiration is Kara and Nate. They had a goal of 100 countries in 4 years, which they recently completed in Dec 2019. They are Amreen’s inspiration. She wants to be like them!

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Anyone can just start, and learn as you go!

Armeen filmed her first blog, without any inspiration. She just had a calling to share her experiences with people. Her first VLOG, of Armenia in her opinion, is not the best. She didn’t think twice and just started the podcast. She took a leap of faith, and it’s been an evolving process. Why hold onto something so much? If you don’t put yourself out there, then no one will give you feedback. 

Never Traveled Solo

Before she got married, 7 years ago, she just traveled with her family. Very touristic vacations. Then, when she got married, her honeymoon was a 3-week road trip throughout New Zealand. That opened their eyes to the whole world of travel. She is the planner between the two of them. She chooses, and her husband just follows.

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How has travel impacted your life, how you see the world, and your business?

“When one travels, that’s when you realize how small you are, and its a really humbling experience”.

Traveling opens up your mind! Amreen really likes diving deep into culture and history. She is a foodie and likes to explore everything. Travel is the best form of education that anyone can give themselves. Even Kathleen, after traveling for 2.5 years and coming back to Canada, she had completely changed. You become a citizen of the world!

For Amreen, growing up in Dubai is all about protection. You don’t realize anything until you step outside. When you see outside and see different cultures, it’s a life-changing experience. 

Post-Covid Travel Plans

Amreen finally wanted to try traveling solo. This year, she booked flights and hotels in Japan. But, sadly had to cancel. But, when things open up she does want to travel solo, and she’s going to Japan. It’s important to follow your intuition. For now, it’s time to slow down and appreciate what we have. After COVID people will want to slow down. Not to strike places off a bucket list, but actually see the whole place, meet people and localize! Spending 2-3 days in one country is exhausting, there isn’t enough time to actually experience the place.

just go with amreen

Instagram Connection

Even though we can’t travel, we can reach out through Instagram. That is how Kathleen and Amreen connected. Find Amreen on Instagram @justgowithamreen. Amreen’s pictures are breathtaking, but her captions also come from the heart.  Or, on YouTube, her channel is, “Just go with Amreen”. Remember, if you see someone on Instagram, never be afraid to reach out. human beings always want to connect, that’s what makes us Citizen of the World.