Investing in Yourself

Hello, and welcome to the Citizen of the World Podcast! This is episode 16 and today I am talking about investing in yourself. With the Covid-19 epidemic still going on, a lot of people have been laid off from their jobs, or are taking cuts to their small businesses. However, I’m here today to talk about how investing in yourself today will lead to large payouts in the future. Are you afraid in investing in yourself? Instead, learn to change your relationship with money to receive abundance. Investing in your business, is also like investing in yourself.

investing in yourself

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Show up for yourself

Get above the frenzy of this Covid-19 pandemic, with education. You are listening to this podcast so good. You are showing up. Instead of constantly watching the news, turn off the TV and invest in yourself. I try to listen to podcasts daily so I can be inspired to grow my business. Personal development is key. This is the time to do, to serve to create and produce. How can you help others ? It’s divine time that the world has shut down for you to do whatever you want. What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time for? Instead of binging on Netflix, start putting in the world. Need more confidence? Consider confidence coaching with me!

A lot of businesses were created in recession and depressions

Now is the time to do the work you’ve always wanted to do. Disney, IBM, General Electric, and FedEx to name a few. Businesses that were created in the 2008 recession include WhatsApp, Groupon, Uber, and then Instagram followed right after. So don’t think this is a bad time to get into business. More than ever, people are home. You can connect to them. Don’t keep waiting for the best time to get in business, because that right time will never come. The universe is giving you time right now. Use it to your advantage.

Change your relationship with money

investing in your business

Learn to change your relationship with money so you can invest more in yourself, and your business. Instead of believing that money doesn’t grow on trees, or that you have a scarcity of money, truly believe that money is abundant. Believe in abundance, to receive abundance.

The more you invest in your business, the more you invest in yourself.

Are you already in business but think you’ve got everything figured out ? If you haven’t made 100 k, you still have lessons to learn. Always be life long learner. The best way to learn, is to hire other people. Outsource elements of your business so it can grow. The more you invest in your business, you’re investing in yourself.

Not sure how to start business ? Hire someone. Ask for help. You can’t do it all alone. If you want to make $1 million you can’t do that within your own networks. You’ll need to ask for help. For example is your website ranking on google ? If no one can find you, hire an SEO content writer to communicate with google for you. That is one service I offer.

change your relationship with money

Investing in Yourself: Investing in Others

Give out more than you take in. Stop thinking about yourself and instead how you can help and serve others. Ask your ideal client what they need right now. You might think it’s one thing, but they will tell you something else. Ask your audience and target market what they need.

My husband and I have an appliance repair service business, Doctor Appliance. People need dishwasher, washing machine, any kind of appliance repair. So we work really hard on putting out content so that it ranks on google so when someone searches “dishwasher repair”, our website shows up. This is free organic traffic. We also do pay per clicks with google but that is more money. Organic traffic is a long term strategy to keep your business going.

If we didn’t put in this work last year, we wouldn’t be on the first page of google. It takes investing time and money to eventually pay out.

Sales – Investing in Yourself

Invest in yourself to become better at sales. I am a sales specialist who has made over 300,000 by selling. I can help you sell better, because that is my speciality. Are you new to sales? Chances are if you’re an entrepreneur, selling is new for you.

Let them talk more. If you’re talking too much you won’t close. Ask more open ended questions. And really what you want to do is find out what your ideal qualified client wants, and you’re there to offer it.

Listen to Podcasts to Invest in Yourself

Keep listening podcasts. Everyday fill your mind with knowledge and education. Turn off music and instead fuel your brain with power.

Goaldigger podcast

Oprah Super Soul Conversations

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Citizen of the World Podcast

Three great podcasts to keep you inspired and focused on investing in yourself, to create your dream business. Looking for inspiration to grow your business? Check out my business coaching services.