How to Write a Book: 10 Easy Steps to Writing A Book

Do you want to write a book, but don’t know where to start? By following 10 easy steps, you’ll be able to write your first book. Writing a book is no easy challenge, but the creativity is within you. No matter how challenging writing a book may seem, the hardest part is stay consistent. If you write everyday, you will write a book. Trust in the process, and don’t overthink it. Follow these 10 easy steps to writing and finishing your first book.

1. Avoid Perfection

When writing a book, the last thing you want to do is become a perfectionist, you must avoid perfection. Writing is a spiritual connection, as this is not something that can be perfected. I once heard the quote, “Perfect is the enemy of good”. Avoid setting yourself up for failure by knowing your first page will not be perfect, but you must not judge the work. Just keep writing, striving for simply that; writing. Not striving for perfection.

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2. Don’t Hesitate

I didn’t wait to start writing my book. In fact, I started writing Citizen of the World: A Guide to Self Discovery and Adventure on a plane from mainland Portugal to the Portuguese island, Sao Miguel. All I had was pen and paper. That’s all you need to start writing. In fact, I would recommend starting to write the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. Give yourself a chance to really feel the pen and paper connection. Later on, you can transition to a laptop. Telling yourself that you won’t start your book until you buy that fancy Macbook is just an excuse. Don’t procrastinate, just start writing your book now.

3. Don’t Judge the Writing Process, Just Start

Judging the writing process is like mixing water with vinegar. Writers need to practice self-care, compassion and love for the process, instead of judging their work. When writing my book, I would tell myself I was a bad writer and didn’t have what it takes to finish my book. The messages we tell ourselves matter, and I was telling myself the wrong message. Instead, I learned to just write everything down, without judgement. I would later pay someone else to edit my book. My responsibility was just to write by book, someone else can judge it later. Remember, your job as a writer is to write.

4. Develop a One Page Business Plan Before Writing Your Book

A book, is a business, and developing a one page business plan can help prioritize tasks and focus on making money. This one page business plan comes from Natalie Sisson. Natalie, a freedomist genius has created this amazing tool to simplify making money. Access it for FREE here. With Natalie’s help, you can start to think of yourself as a business owner, not just a writer. Writer’s have stigma of being broke and unemployed, but with the aid of technology that is no longer the case!

5. Write Whenever You Please

There is no restrictions for when to write, rather write whenever you please! Being a successful writer requires sacrifice and hard work, but writing makes it all worth it. Writing is our passion, so don’t be afraid to act out that passion. When I was writing my book, I would wake up suddenly at 3 AM. I felt like I just had to write, so I did! If that happens to you, embrace the surge of energy and start writing. Create your own blueprint for life, by living life on your terms. Isn’t that the point of creating more freedom in life and business?

6. Go Against Social Norms to Write a Book

Going against social norms to write a book, also corresponds to tip #5. You are designing your own future, and you have the tools to do it. Believe that by completing one thing at a time, the universe will open for you. Break outside of your comfort zone! Worrying about marketing your book, before you write the book is a waste of time. Go against social norms, and believe that you don’t need a publisher to publish a book. You also don’t need a lot of money, or a large social media following. In 2019, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the best platform to self-publish. The key is starting to write, and completing each task along the way. The journey will teach you a lot.

7. Don’t listen to others when writing a book

I would highly recommend not listening to others when writing a book. A lot of people will try to discourage you from following your dreams. Trust that you are on your own path.

8. Enjoy the Process of Writing a Book

Regardless of the struggle I endured writing a book, I still enjoyed the process of writing it. There were highs, and lows during the process, but that shaped me into a better business owner today. We learn the best lessons through pain, and I am very grateful for writing a book. It’s been a blessing to write a book. I enjoyed the process of writing a book so much, that I cannot wait to write another book.

9. Don’t Set Deadlines for Writing a Book

Setting deadlines for when you’ll write a book is not recommended. I told myself countless times I would finish the book by X date. I did this multiple times, and eventually I missed all the deadlines. Failure and self-resentment started to sink in. Except, through each disappointment, I would learn something else. If I would have written my book two years ago, it wouldn’t be the book it is today. Be compassionate with your self and work hard on your one page business plan. Always focus on achieving that plan instead of reaching a deadline. There shouldn’t ever been a final product either, you can continue to evolve, and maybe create courses from your book. There is no deadline, just a process. Keep going.

10. Tell Others About Writing Your Book

Now that you won’t worry about what others have to say about you writing a book, you will have to tell others that you are writing a book. Tell those people in your life that you think will understand, and definitely tell strangers. The more you talk about it, the more you bring the process into reality. Instead of just having a book on your laptop, or in notebooks, now it’s out there in the real world. The friends, colleagues, family members that you tell will keep you accountable. Along my journey of writing a book, I stopped multiple times. But, these beautiful souls kept me in line.

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Follow these 10 easy steps to writing a book. Let me know how your process goes. You are not alone, I would love to hear from you.

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