How to Get Clients for Beginners


Have you started a new business? If so, congratulations are in order! Now, are you wondering how to get clients?  Selling is your opportunity to showcase yourself and your services to the world. You can do it! Have you considered working for free? Continue reading this article for how to get clients for beginners. Are you wondering how you’re going to pay bills? Worrying is a waste of time, but planning and taking strategic action will show results. Are you wondering how I can get clients online? I’m here to help. Selling and writing are two of my specialties. I’ve been successful in commission sales, and have learned how confidence and authenticity are the essentials to selling. 

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How Can I Get Clients Online?

I hope this is a question you are asking. Getting new clients may be difficult, depending on your geographical location. However, getting clients online is much more convenient! Can you offer services online, internationally? How big is your target market? Exploring options and avenues to make money is much easier than worrying. Online is great because it’s possible to reach your ideal audience.

5 Ways to Getting Clients Online

how can i get clients online?

  • Send e-mails. E-mail marketing is effective, direct, and worth trying. Send out e-mails to old co-workers, friends, businesses, or whoever you think will benefit from your services. The more people who are aware of your offerings, the better. Try to send out a minimum of 5 e-mails daily. Sending e-mails will eventually become mechanical, and just something you do consistently. The more consistent, the more likelihood of success. Download a free Sales E-mail Template.
  • Be Active on Social Media. Firstly, determine who your target audience is, and on what platforms they typically hang out. For example, we know that 86% of people ages 18-29 use Facebook. Why not use Facebook Groups to connect with your audience? Within the same age group, only 67% use Instagram. But, did you know that 81% of people ages 15-25 use Youtube? Determine which platform is best for you, and actively engage with others.
  • Kijiji and Craiglist Listings. We should be active in our modern age classified platforms. Kijiji and Craiglist are excellent, usually free platforms to post your offerings. Be sure to post an ad and start engaging with potential customers. The more communication you have with potential customers, the better! Here is my Kijiji ad for reference.
  • getting clients online seoSearch Engine Optimization (SEO). What is SEO? Do you have a website? Is your site indexed to communicate with Google? With SEO, make sure your web content aligns with strategic keyword research. Use SEO to get in front of the people who are actively searching for you. SEO traffic is organic and the most effective. Learn about my SEO copywriting services to improve your Google search ranking.
  • Online Forums. Check out online forums to see what people are saying about your specific niche. Learn what your ideal client in-depth with online forums. The more you understand your perfect client, the more likely you can sell to them. Check out forums like Reddit and Quora for inspiration and strategic planning.

How to Get Clients for Beginners

Another great way to find clients for beginners is to check freelancing job boards. Signing up to provide services online on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr are highly recommended. Along the journey, it’s essential to be open-minded. 

Be Open for New Clients

working for free

What do I mean by this? Some entrepreneurs have a specific, concrete idea on their mind. Yet, until we’re speaking and engaging with our ideal client, our offerings might change. As entrepreneurs, we must be flexible to listen. By talking and listening with our ideal client, we can start to shift our offerings based on their needs.

Work for Free 

Do you have any testimonials? Has anyone tried or experienced your service and can recommend others to you? If not, starting to work for free is a viable option. The key is getting experience and building confidence. Working for free allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses fully. From working for free, gain valuable experience that will help grow your business. Sometimes, it’s better to think long-term gain instead of instant gratification.

Did you work for free? I have! My very first blog was a passion project that I did not monetize. The very first website I built was pro-bono. Working for free allows for more celebrated play and creative time. Explore your offerings while gaining tangible experience.

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