How to be Successful with Commission Sales

In Episode 010 of the Citizen of the World Podcast, I’ll be sharing valuable tips and tricks to be successful in commission sales. A lot of people want to quit their 9-5 jobs, work from home and get paid to be you! One very profitable and realistic way to work from home is to be a commission sales representative. Through my success in commission sales, I’ve been able to work from home, spend a lot of time with my German Shepherd, travel; all while earning great profits from commission sales. If you’re already working in commission sales, or you’re thinking of quitting the 9-5 rat race, I’ll help boost your confidence, to boost your sales! Learn how to get paid to be you, with Kathleen Parisien.

Get Paid to Be You

I’m here to tell you that yes, you can get paid to be you. There’s a few ways to do this. You can create some product or service that people will buy, based on the skills and strengths you have. Each and everyone of us has the capacity to make money with the skills you already have. Another way, is to get into the field of commission sales. You’ll be getting paid to be you, while representing a company. How to choose which company to represent? Here are some tips:

Choosing the Right Commission Sales Jobs

How to choose the right commission sales job for you? Here are two factors to consider:

Does the product interest you?

  • Set yourself up for success by investing yourself into something you really believe in. What are you passionate about? Go into that field. For example, after 6 years of university and a lot of student debt, it was a natural transition for me to become a registered education savings plan (RESP) sales representative. I was a graduate student, then started inspiring families to save for their child’s future. Find something that already compliments your life and is a natural progression for you. This will make it even easier to get paid to be you!

Is the effort worth the payout? What’s the Return on Investment (ROI)?

  • You want to jump into the field of commission sales with a high return on your investment. How difficult will it be to make money? Will you get training? Be realistic about what is possible, and before you invest any time or money with a commission sales job, have a strategic plan in place for how you’ll make money.

Now, let’s dig deep into what it takes to be success in commission sales. Last month, at my business excellence conference in Los Cabos, Mexico, I spoke to other high performing sales reps. This is the top 10 tips for success in commission sales.

how to be successful in comission sales kathleen parisien

10 tips for Success with Commission Sales

  1. Have a financial nest egg to get your wheels spinning. If you’re just starting out in commission sales, ensure you have some money readily available to pay bills as you build your business. Hopefully you’ve chosen a field that you can monetize on right away, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Ensure there’s money in the bank to sustain your life, before profits start rolling in.
  2. Commission Sales will show you what you’re made of and will inevitably lead to personal growth.
    Sales representatives cannot get bogged down with self doubt. There’s no sales from thinking about sales, only from taking action. A lot like life, we cannot just settle. The same goes for sales. Persistency, focus and determination will head to success in commission sales. You’ll learn a lot about yourself along the journey.
  3. Have a thick skin to handle rejection
    I am an overly sensitive person, yet I am still successful in commission sales. However, you do need to have resilience to just keep going in the face of adversity. It’s sales, so not everyone will say yes. And, that’s okay. Sales is a numbers game. When adversity hits, be strong enough to just keep going.
  4. Surround yourself with positive influences
    Just like in life, surround yourself with positive people who will motivate and inspire you. Let go of negative energy and people. This will not serve you or your business. I speak to other representatives, across the country on a weekly basis. This keeps me focused and inspired. A little healthy competition is also great to boost sales.
  5. Good money management. You won’t always be making the same amount. Keep money in the bank. 
    In the last 4 years, I’ve been pretty consistent with the amount of money I make every month. However, sometimes the numbers can fluctuate. Like, when I went to Jamaica for two weeks, I came back and really needed to start making money. However, I did have money in the bank. I always keep money in the bank, and never spend everything. Being in financial sales has taught me to be better with money. Do you live pay cheque to pay cheque? There’s a better way, my friends.
  6. Travel often – take time off
    This is maybe my favourite out of all these 10 tips. Taking time off to change your perspective is a must. Don’t be a workaholic, instead find a healthy work/life balance. You set your own schedule so you can take time off, whenever you’d like. I find taking time off to travel helps refocus me, and inspires me more than anything. Take time to recharge your batteries!
  7. Enjoy the lows and enjoy the highs 
    In sales, anything is possible. A lot of the same principles for life, can be applied to commission sales. Like life, there are ups and downs. Thankfully, nothing lasts forever. This is the same for commission sales. Enjoy the highs, but don’t get too cocky. Instead, remain consistent.
  8. Exercise – Health is Wealth
    This is another one of my favourite tips for commission sales. We cannot be successful if we’re not healthy. Exercise has powerful positive effects on your mental and physical health. With daily movement, you’ll build resiliency and strength to overcome any of life’s challenges. I believe I am a successful commission sales rep because I am active and healthy. Health is wealth, so if you don’t make time for health, you’ll have to make time for sickness. I hardly get sick because I take the time to take care of myself.
  9. Don’t talk about work outside of work unless it will bring you work! 
    For new sales reps, it might be difficult to think or talk about anything that isn’t sales. However, this is wrong. Your life isn’t sales. You don’t live to work, but rather work to live. Always keep up your own hobbies and don’t get obsessed with work. No one likes an annoying sales representative. Try not to talk about work with your friends and family. Only talk about work when it will bring you business. This helps maintain a healthy work/life balance while working commission sales.
  10. Be yourself
    Authenticity is what people love. Lead with being your best self, instead of being focused on the sale. Focus on helping, rather than receiving. Give more than you get. Follow your core values to let yourself shine. With commission sales, you are getting paid to be you. If you’re trying to be someone else, trying to serve an alter ego, your clients will feel that and will not buy from you. Instead, treat clients as if they were life long friends. Be comfortable within your own skin.

That’s it, those are the top 10 tips for being successful in commission sales. There is no rocket science, except for believing in yourself, and staying true to yourself.

Commission Sales Jobs

How to be successful with Commission Sales

Working from home, setting my own schedule and making unlimited income is the true benefit of a commission sales job. Being a successful commission sales representative is all about confidence. Confidence in helping the client achieve a certain solution, and confidence in yourself.

There are tons of commission sales jobs available. Sales representatives are in high demand in Canada, US and Europe. Simply search on Indeed or LinkedIn. If you want to learn more about what I do, feel free to book a free discovery call with me. If you want more freedom in life, want to quit the 9-5 rat race, and want to make money being you, please contact me!