Free Email Template to Book Clients

Getting clients doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Instead of worrying about how you’ll get clients, focus on taking action. Taking action towards your goals will lead to large payoffs! When starting off in business, it can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, I am here to help. I and the rest of the interest has so many resources to help you be successful. Download a free email template to book clients. Using a sales prospecting email template is a great way to start getting clients.

Sales Prospecting Email Template

sales prospecting email template

Are you new to sales? Sales can be scary but sales don’t have to be. Instead, see sales as your opportunity to showcase why your offering is unique and special. Without sales, who would ever buy your offerings? A sales prospecting email template is a gentle way to impact the audience you want to connect with. Who doesn’t use email? Emailing prospects might be more comfortable than cold calling and might have bigger results.

Email Marketing Statistics

If these figures don’t inspire you to develop an email marketing strategy, I don’t know what will! A recent 2020 study found that for every dollar invested in email marketing, the ROI was $42. Who doesn’t want to make 42x profits?! If you’re just starting out in business it’s important to start building an e-mail list. Staying in contact through newsletter e-blasts is a great way to keep your audience engaged. However, to see an actual return on your investment, please do not forget to include your services! I see often enough entrepreneurs that send out great newsletters, but forget to add a call to action. Always create email marketing campaigns about your offerings and the benefits of such.

Free Email Template to Book Clients

free email template to book clients

Click here for your free Sales E-mail Template. Start booking clients quickly by using this template. How should you use this template? Firstly, I recommend making a list of everyone in your inner and outer network. Create an excel spreadsheet and write as many names as you can think of. Now, every day sends out about 3-5 emails. Make this ritual apart of your day, so it becomes mechanical. The more emails you send out, the better. Sales are about numbers. Increase your numbers by being consistent.

Personalize Email Template

Feel free to change up the template to truly make it your own. Make sure to personalize each email by using the recipient’s name and asking something about them. Spend a few minutes creating something meaningful and deliberate. It’s not okay to just copy and paste the same e-mail to multiple people. Instead, people will appreciate your personal touch, and be more inclined to actually respond. The objective of sending these emails is to of course gain clients, but before we can gain clients, we need to think about giving value. Can your offerings help this person, or perhaps someone they know? Talk less about yourself, and more about what you can do for others. This will make you a successful sales guru 😉

Sales Advice

Free Email Template to Book Clients 2

Did you find this article useful? The free email template is useful if you use it. Even if you’re not sure about who to send an email to, just send it anyway! You won’t know if you don’t put yourself out there. Focus on serving, offering, and providing value to others. The universe will start to work in your favor. Just start taking action today. Do you have any questions about sales, or looking for sales advice? Check out how to be successful with commission sales. Be sure to reach out to me directly. It would be my pleasure to help you get clients.

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