Embracing Diversity

benefits of embracing diversity citizen of the world

Growing up in Canada, embracing diversity has always been natural for me. I went to elementary school with Jamaicans, Asians, Arabs, Africans and kids from other cultures. From a young age, I learned that embracing diversity means seeing everyone as human beings. We all have a story, thoughts and emotions, but some of us are raised in different environments. The benefits of embracing diversity is recognizing that our differences is what unites us. As, together we can learn from each other and make the world a better place. Embracing diversity quotes from others give us wisdom for embracing diversity.

benefits of embracing diversity

Relationship Building

Through living in Israel, and studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I saw firsthand the devastations of not embracing diversity. The seclusion of Israelis and Palestinians only perpetuates hate, instead of collaborating together and embracing each other’s diversity. Sadly the conflict will never end until both parties come together and build relationships. By letting go hate, embracing diversity is the means to creating sustainable peace. Read how the Power of Dialogue can change the world.

Citizen of the World

My book, Citizen of the World a Guide to Adventure and Self Discovery was written with the principle intent of showcasing what embracing diversity looks like. I travelled the world, learning new languages, immersing myself in different cultures, and seeing firsthand the power of embracing diversity. While volunteering with AIESEC in Brasilia, for the first time in my life, I had the opportunity of working with people who’s first language wasn’t english. Through cross-cultural work experience, I found it remarkable how differently all our brains worked. The key to innovation, prosperity and harmony is embracing diversity. Learn more about learning about new cultures, and immersing yourself into different parts of the world. Get your copy here!

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Embracing diversity means

Embracing diversity means to be accepting, tolerant and open to different cultures and traditions. Explore different cultures to understand life from a different perspective. Grow empathy for the other by understanding their culture. Let your differences bring you together to collaborate, rather than compete. When was the last time you immersed yourself into a different culture? I love traveling and immersing myself into different parts of the world. Check out Citizen of the World the Podcast for thought provoking discussions about business, lifestyle and travel. Immerse yourself into Jamaica with the 3 part Jamaican podcast series. In Jamaica, I stayed with locals to understand their way of life, and to see the world from a different perspective.

Benefits of Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

benefits of embracing diversity in the workplace

The power of bringing thought processes and energies from different parts of the world is astonishing. Have you ever worked with a multicultural team? Here are 4 benefits to embracing diversity in the workplace

  1. Boost profits – Sales and profits are sure to increase by having a wide range of different opinions and different sales strategies.
  2. Increase creativity!
  3. Higher resourcefulness by bringing in people from different parts of the world, they surely have different skills and strengths.
  4. Increase in company parties with Diwali, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and etc. Increase company culture by celebrating and recognizing all holidays. Have a party of a small employee get together to increase company morale. No work, and no play is NO FUN. 
  5. Increase Productivity – especially if you don’t ignore #4!

Benefits of embracing diversity in love and marriage

embracing diversity in love

My husband and I are from different parts of the world. He is Russian, was born in Lithuania and immigrated to Israel when he was young. I was born in Canada with French and Irish descent. We are complete opposites, but that is the beauty of embracing diversity in love and marriage. In September 2019, we had our Around the World backyard wedding.  We found out that Russian Orthodox is similar to the Roman Catholic faith, therefore we were able to marry in a Catholic church.

Here are 4 benefits of embracing diversity in love and marriage

  1. Your children will speak several foreign languages
  2. Different cuisine. I loved marrying into a Russian family. Ilya’s mom opened her heart to me and taught me how to make authentic Russian borscht. Borscht is now one of my favourite go to meals. 
  3. Thought Provoking Conversations DAILY. Always talking to someone who didn’t grow up in the same environment as you, ensures that you’re always having thought provoking conversations. Remember there is no such thing as common sense. 
  4. Multicultural household. Embrace all traditions. Instead of being closed to just one way of life, were open to the world. Everyday is exciting and an opportunity to learn more about our different cultures.embracing diversity in love 2

Embracing diversity quotes

We can learn from one another, but first, we must have a level of understanding about each other. Learning about other cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we live. It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

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More Embracing Diversity Quotes

From the moment she picked me up at the airport, it was an adventure. She spoke no English, and I spoke no Portuguese. We communicated through body language. With Cristina, I discovered the art of understanding someone without actually speaking to them.

Citizen of the World Chapter 4 by Kathleen Parisien