Travel for Cultural Immersion

Travelling to experience, learn and immerse yourself in a different culture is exhilarating. Instead of reading about foreign places in books, choose to step outside your comfort zone. Travel abroad now to learn about yourself, and the world around us! Travel for Cultural Immersion and Become a Citizen of the World through an Internship, Volunteer Program, Student Exchange, or just go backpacking solo!

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Build lasting cross-cultural relationships, and learn foreign languages. Experience the world, for personal and global transformation. At the age of only 25 years old, I, Kathleen Parisien I embarked on a volunteer internship in Brasilia, Brazil. Then, in 2016, I moved to Tel Aviv Israel to become an International Student at Tel Aviv University. Traveling and learning in different places showed me different perspectives, and allowed me to grow my mind. I quickly learned that nothing was limitless and nothing was impossible. Travel teaches you that opportunities are endless! What are you waiting for to learn, while seeing the world?

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Make LifeLong International Friendships

travel abroad now kathleen parisien

The best part about embarking on an international exchange is the new relationships and friends you make. When far away from home, you’re able to be the true version of yourself. This is because you’re away from societal, family or personal expectations of yourself. When traveling, our true characteristics are able to shine. Naturally, like-minded people connect as that’s what human beings like to do, connect. The quality of friendships I made while traveling are golden. When traveling, people get the opportunity to see you for your raw characteristics, for what really makes you special. These bonds result in lifelong international friendships. 

Personal Growth

True personal growth happens outside our comfort zones. As I leaped outside my comfort zone, everyday was a new challenge of the unknown. I had to be resilient, independent and brave to handle the different challenges that came my way. As a result of traveling, I personally grew. Through learning about the world around me, I discovered who I truly am. Since 2015, I have been self employed and continue to live a life of freedom and adventure. My true potential was able to thrive because I stepped outside my comfort zone, and traveled the world! Travel abroad now, what are you waiting for?

travel abroad now kathleen parisien

Cultural Immersion

A bonus of immersing yourself into a new culture is eating all the new food! A Cultural Immersion trip doesn’t mean eating McDonalds, it means eating local food. Travel for cultural immersion to learn about the world, and yourself in the mean while!

When I moved to Brazil, I couldn’t stop eating everything in sight. I just had to try everything as everything was exotic. Brazil has fruit that I had never even seen back in Canada! The same happened when I moved to Israel. I can still taste the hummus, and fresh vegetables. Of course, in addition to eating all this new food, try to learn a new language at the same time! Learning how to speak Portuguese and Hebrew was rejuvenating. All of a sudden, I could communicate in a different language that was not my mother tongue! The feeling of empowerment is something everyone should experience. Plus, they say that you can’t really learn a culture, until you can speak the language! My favourite app for learning a new language is DuoLingo. I suggest to start learning before arriving to your destination.

Travel Abroad Now

Don’t wait to travel the world, travel abroad now. The more time you stall yourself, and give yourself excuses, the further you are from becoming your authentic self. Do you want to travel but you’re afraid? Ask yourself what you are afraid of. If you’re worried about being far away from home, technology helps keep everyone connected. With platforms like Skype and Zoom, video chat is easy from anywhere in the world. Often, relationships with family members get strengthened at a distance. You may never get this opportunity to just pack your bags and leave again, don’t wait to travel, travel abroad now!

Citizen of the World

A Citizen of the World is someone who can feel at home, anywhere they are in the world. Does that sound appealing to you? Are you curious about different cultures? Do you want to live a life of purpose to yourself and to others? Travel shows you that you are a Citizen of the World. You will start to dis-identify with your nationalistic identity, and see yourself as a global citizen. 
travel abroad now kathleen parisien
When I was traveling for two years, I hated the question, “Where are you from?”. While I am from Ottawa, Canada I had been living in Brazil and Israel, so far away from my “Canadian identity”. As a society, there’s a need to want to categorize everyone, but in fact we’re all human beings, all here on earth with a purpose. After Cultural Immersion for 3 years, I identified as a Citizen of the World. Travel abroad now just by reading Citizen of the World.

citizen of the world kathleen parisien

Read about how I discovered my purpose, while traveling, volunteering and studying internationally in my first book, Citizen of the World: A Guide to Self Discovery and Adventure.

Citizen of the 
World is an interactive workbook with exploratory questions to inspire action outside your comfort zone. 
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