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tap into your creativity
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Live a life of Creativity

Live a life of creativity by tapping into the creative process. I’ve always been creative, but it’s through Julia Cameron’s morning pages that I really started to tap into my creative process. Her book, The Artist’s Way is a must read for anyone wanting to satisfy their inner artist. Through the morning pages ritual, of writing 3 pages each morning, I discovered myself. What can you discover through being creative? Let’s discuss creativity and how you too can feel alive, joy and happiness from tapping into your creative process. 

Creativity Podcast

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This is episode 007. I’m your host Kathleen Parisien. Citizen of the World podcast is for ambitious people who want to live purposeful lives. Every week, tune in for thought provoking discussions about lifestyle, being your best self, and stepping outside your comfort zone. Each one has a light within us. Shine your light brighter to make the world a better place. Please, I would really appreciate it if you could take 1 minute and leave a review on apple iTunes. After leaving your 5 star review, send a screenshot to [email protected] and Ill send you a free ebook – part one of my book, citizen of the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to spread the love for citizen of the world podcast. Be sure to also share with your friends and family so they too can shine their lights brighter. Live a life of creativity with Citizen of the World Podcast.

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Creativity is our topic of discussion this week. Let’s have a thought provoking discussion about creativity because I feel not all of us are tapping into our creative strengths. Using wisdom from Julia Cameron, we’re down to unpack creativity. I’m putting you on the hot spot right now. When was the last time you were creative? Some people have limiting beliefs that creativity is just for the select few. I’m here to tell you that that’s not true. Rather, conditional thinking, how you were raised, or other environmental factors might have made you think that you’re not creative. But it’s not true. With the help of Julia Cameron, and this podcast, unleash your creative process today.

It’s natural to create

As human beings, it is our inherent nature to create. Creativity is our inner child that gets to shine through the bullshit of society. If we have our head down, and aren’t in tuned with our inner creativity it would be as sharp as say someone who exercises creativity everyday. But creativity is inherent to every human being. Our energy goes where our thoughts go. If our thoughts don’t go to being creative, our creativity energies are literally blocked. 

tap into the creative process

Creativity is about bringing something out of us. Our job as human beings is to tap into the creative process to pull something into reality. Our imaginations, and intuitions are at play when we exercise our creativity. 

Julia Cameron

Julia Cameron describes the creative process as,

“the stream of inspiration as being like radio waves of all sorts being broadcast at all times. We practice, we learn to hear the desired frequency on request… Once you accept that it is natural to create you can begin to accept a second idea – that the creator will hand you whatever you need for the project”. 

We all have the power to be creative

To create something, it’s like you have to immerse yourself into a reality that doesn’t exist. Birthing my book, Citizen of the World was a difficult 3 year process. I had to imagine that it was already finished, or else I felt like I was living a fairytale. Creators have to imagine something that is not yet. Every human being has the power to imagine the world, and what will come. Your actions, and thus creativity is the means for creating what will be.

Creative Action

Even though it took 3 years to finally write, and publish the book, I was busy taking creative action in other ways.

  • Wedding Planning

around the world diy wedding decoration backyard wedding

I planned and executed an Around the World Backpack Wedding in Sept 2019. I had an idea in my head of how the wedding would be designed and organized, but I didn’t have a concrete plan. Instead, I started to design homemade decorations. Using my wood-burner and lots of pieces of wood, I began bringing my ideas to life. 9 months later, every guests name was personally wood-burned on a round piece of wood. I also had created a large totem pole with cities pointing in different directions, all using my wood burner. Every detail of my wedding came together because of my creativity and action synchronized together.

  • Travel Planningcreative travel planning

Travel planning is what makes we feel most alive. Creating adventures around this very earth is liberating, and true food for my soul. Immersing myself into new environments, eating new food, learning about new cultures, speaking new languages, all of this comes out of the desire to be creative. The desire to create a new experience. That is why traveling is adored by so many, because our souls can be free to just be while traveling. Especially backpacking, I will never forget what backpacking for 6 months made me feel. To give up material needs, and just flow like water through different cities and countries. Nothing like it.

  • Business planning 

Business planning is pure creativity. I’m proud to say I make money being creative. I earn only commissions and if I were not creative, joyful and essentially my authentic self, I would not be successful. I am successful when I let my creativity shine. In business, there’s always new challenges and circumstances. Having the ability to be creative and agile ensures success through the tough and good times. Every thriving entrepreneur and business owner is in tuned with their creative side.

create morning pages


The process can be excruciating. A lot of trail and error. Creating something that isn’t there is a lot of hard work, especially with your own thoughts. 

For years, I didn’t think I was good enough to write a book. Self doubt took over my life. My ego would tell me no don’t bother, but my heart kept saying yes, yes, yes. After I planned my wedding, and married my husband, I knew it was time to execute. No more excuses, it was my time to shine. The wedding helped me be fearless again and courageous. We never know where life will take us, but without being fearless, who are we? 

creative process

Don’t be afraid – Keep Going

The key is action. Keep going through the unknown.

We learn from pain. Challenges are who define us at the end of the day.

Julia Cameron explains, “Creativity requires activity, and this is not good news to most of us. It makes us responsible, and we tend to hate that. You mean I have to do something in order to feel better?”

Try something New

It’s easy to do the same thing over and over again. It takes accountable and owning up to yourself to say it’s time to start something new. Starting something new is literally building new wave lengths in your brain, so it will take time to develop those connections. 

morning pages crative process

Take a Creative Leap

Take a creative leap, take a chance on a new idea or an opportunity to learn a new skill. Go with the path of least resistance – do something that already synergies with your current skills and talents. Just stay focused on the creative process.

Creative Process

Process is my word for 2020. I’m supposed to be focused on processes and respecting the creative life that comes from processes. I dedicated myself to respecting processes, and developing patience. Things will come in divine timing, and we’re to enjoy the process in the meantime. 

creative process

On a creativity level, I’m dedicating myself to focusing on my creative process. I have created a podcast, several blog posts, and completed lots of digital marketing projects. I want to jump deeper in the creative process this year, as this is what makes me feel alive. It’s a cocktail of challenging, scary but exhilarating. The more we create, the more we evolve and learn about ourselves.

Creative Writing or Journaling

morning pages

Since we’re all human, my processes have been lacking for this month. For the last 10 days, I have not done my ritual morning pages. Instead of beating myself up, I’m not going to worry and just get back into my ritual. Because I know that when I’m in action, I’m creative. Since April 2019 I’ve dedicated myself to writing at least 3 pages every morning. The process was to just dump thoughts onto paper, but to also get me writing. Through our writing, we find our voice. Our courage, our fearlessness, our inner selves. 

morning pages

My morning pages according to Julia Cameron, “help get you to the other side”. I now understand that the morning pages reveal the path to our other side. Apart from the stresses of society pressure, but an opportunity to get in touch with ourselves. 

morning pages julia cameron

Try it yourself, try writing 3 pages of anything that comes to your mind!

No Excuses

I’m not a person who makes excuses. I either will do something, or I won’t. Everything has it’s divine timing but what excuses are you making that’s stopping you from trying something new? When we don’t use our creativity, we are denying ourselves. Have you thought of starting a business in your spare time but never did? Be inspirred to live a life of creativity.

Our thoughts, as mentioned in the beginning are a construction of our social situations and upbringings. Most of our thoughts are not who we are. Are you talking yourself out of something? Instead, choose to accept the process, and pay attention to how you feel. Anytime something gives you a jolt of energy, it’s the universe communicating with you. Communicate back with the universe by using your creativity.

Creativity Quotes

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless” Jean Jacques Rousseau

Creativity Affirmations

creativity affirmations

Tap into the creative process with Kathleen Parisien. Contact me directly at [email protected] or join the Citizen of the World community on Facebook. Live a life of creativity, my friends 😉