Become a Creative Content Writer

Every business needs creative and persuasive writing on their website. Compelling website content is a powerful tool to convert traffic into paid customers. Which company doesn’t want more revenue? Increase sales with creative content. Become a Creative Content Writer with the advice found here. Check out websites’ ideas to give you more significant inspiration. Don’t have time to become a persuasive writer? Consider these content writing services to grow your business.

become a creative content writer

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is an art that all content writers can master. The key to compelling copy is using strategic words to develop logical arguments. As a business owner, a persuasive writer has a profound ability to convert traffic to clients. A web content strategy should always include sales and copywriting. Think about it; your website can make you money when you’re sleeping; however, only with persuasive writing. A content writer is used to compelling copy. With these tips, so can you.

Persuasive Writing Strategies

There are three main persuasive writing strategies, pathos, logos, and ethos. Appealing to emotions (pathos), appealing to logic (logos), and influencing through character (ethos). Choose a strategy before the writing begins. Emotions typically work best for a call to action. However, the plan you choose depends on the niche. Here is an example of each persuasive writing strategy:

Persuasive Writing 2

  • Pathos involves communicating a positive, happy message through text. If I’m selling protein shakes, I want to include testimonials from my clients who experienced a positive result from drinking protein shakes.
  • With logos, there is a need to appeal to reason. Let’s say I am selling orange juice. I could write, one cup of orange juice yields 75% of our daily vitamin C requirements.
  • Ethos is an excellent strategy if a celebrity or influencer endorses your product. Persuade to take action towards something because someone else has approved it. It is human nature to take effect from a credible source.


5 Tips for Becoming a Creative Content Writer

Persuasive Writing

  1. Start Writing. Get used to writing. Every morning, start the ritual of morning pages. Developed by Julia Cameron, this practice helps unleash the creative writer within. Write about anything and everything for at least three pages every morning. This trains and develops your writing skills.
  2. Write with your audience in mind. Reverse engineer what you want to highlight. Focus on what your ideal customer is searching for. Answer their problems in the way of a blog post 🙂
  3. Do Not Plagiarize. Google algorithms won’t like your website, and SEO benefits will not work. Always put writing into your own words. Source references when needed. From an SEO standpoint, the more outbound links, the better. So, be sure to add URLs back to the original website whenever necessary.
  4. Write Across Niches. Become a resilient, creative content writer by writing about a wide range of topics. Try to also write about something you’re not so passionate about. This way, you’ll get used to versatility. The key is not to get comfortable with only one niche but to diversify.
  5. Write Simple, Easy to Read Content. 
  • Avoid run-on sentences
  • Keep sentences short
  • Focus on explaining, not overemphasizing
  • Download Grammarly to keep your writing fresh, engaging, and free from grammar errors

Website Ideas

Are you ready to Become a Creative Content Writer? But, first, you’d like to see some examples? Website ideas for creative content are everywhere. Here are websites that I worked on:

Content Writing Services

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