Citizen of the World Kathleen Parisien

Being a Citizen of the World means to embrace your fears, see the world, live out your true purpose and make the world a better place!  Fulfilling your true purpose, your energy flows naturally to make the world a better place. Unleash your Citizen of the World mindset and see the world with Kathleen Parisien, Author and Citizen of the World Podcast Host. Discover Citizen the of the World travel book to inspire action outside your comfort zone.

Global Citizenship

Are you living your true purpose? Be inspired to live your true potential with Citizen of the World, and step outside your comfort zone for personal and global transformation. Global Citizenship is the future as we move away from social constructions of nationalistic identities. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Canada, or Iran. We are all ONE. Embrace your fears to grow, learn and evolve.

Global Citizen

citizen of the world podcast kathleen parisienA Global Citizen is curious about different cultures, and languages. Does this sound like you? If so, subscribe to Citizen of the World and receive a FREE Citizen of the World eBook! Being a global citizen means discovering the world around us.

Citizen of The World is the perfect read for those restless souls who are looking for more in life, who know there’s a big, exciting world out there to discover, and who want to see firsthand the freedom, inner growth, and confidence that can be found by traveling. See the world, to learn about the world, and yourself. This travel book will inspire action towards your wildest dreams.


Instead of reading about foreign countries, Kathleen Parisien took a leap of faith and traveled the world. Kathleen feels at home wherever she travels through connecting to people and local communities. Through travel, Kathleen gained a profound sense of self-awareness because she let herself be vulnerable.

A Citizen of the World carries a mentality of Global Citizenship. Instead of identifying solely with one nation state, a Citizen of the World opens their hearts and minds to new ideas, new cultures and new languages.

The Book: Citizen of The World

citizen of the world the book kathleen parisien

I traveled the world and wrote about my emotional experiences in my book, Citizen of the World.  Readers get to embark on a journey of self-discovery through travel. The whole world opened up to me once I quit my job and started traveling the world. Join the conversation on Facebook to learn more principles about Global Citizenship.

Principles of Global Citizenship

Each chapter in Citizen of the World is principles of how travel and real life experience shaped Kathleen Parisien into becoming a Citizen of the world. From learning to speak a new language, to hiking in rainforests, Kathleen immersed myself everywhere she went. From connecting with people from all around the world, Kathleen felt more connected to the natural rhythm of life See the world to connect with humanity. 

Why is it important to be a Global Citizen?

To collaborate rather than to compete, that is why it’s important to be a global citizen. A global citizen has empathy, compassion and understanding for other cultures. Our differences should bind us together, rather than tear us apart. Embrace your fears, and make friends.

citizen of the world

I stepped outside my comfort zone, quit my job, sold my house, and embraced the rhythm of life. This is when I started my journey of Global Citizenship. Identifying with the larger world around you. Instead of watching the news, I went out and experienced the world. The world gave me everything back in return! This travel books shows you that this is possible for your life too.

Citizen Of The World: Live Your Best Life Possible.

citizen of the world the podcast kathleen parisien

Do you want to travel the world cheap? Are you looking for a career change? How often do you think about quitting your job? Do you experience work dissatisfaction too often? Are you too nervous or scared to travel? My aspiration is to help you through these’s discomforts so you can life your best life possible. The world is ours to discover. See the world and change your own world.

Citizen of the World: Kathleen Parisien 

citizen of the world

Kathleen Parisien, an experiential learner and the author of “Citizen of the World”.  She choose adventure, experience, discomfort, and the unknown to receive bliss, peace and infinite blessings. Read her travel book for your own adventure.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Constantly stepping outside our comfort zones allows us to embrace the essence of living. Through travel, we’re connecting greater to others and the world around us.

Citizen Of The World: To Inspire

From sharing my journey, I hope that I trigger an emotion deep inside you that propels you to take action in changing your life. Let it be dramatic like quitting your job, or simple like taking a road trip. Step into the life that you desire. Not one that is bound by expectations. See the world in this inspirational travel book.

Challenge Equals Growth

Living is about continuously learning. From immersing yourselves into different environments, your challenged and so, you grow. Let’s keep growing as that is what keeps us in the natural flow of life. Eckhart Tolle writes exhaustively about this in his enlightening book, “A New Earth“. Listen to the enlightening podcast on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday.

citizen of the world
Embrace Being a Citizen of the World

We all have the capacity to be citizens of the world. Instead of going to a resort for your next vacation, choose a different kind of vacation. Grab a backpack, and explore foreign cities. Eat with locals, and connect to the environment around you. The effects will change your life. 

Taking time to travel is where we truly get to experience life. By listening to other people from different parts of the world, I became enlightened to the greater world around me. Will you remember your work accomplishments in 10 years from now?

citizen of the world the podcast

Listen to Citizen of the World the Podcast for weekly inspirational by yours truly, Kathleen Parisien.

Your life situation is not your life’s purpose. Travel, the act of stepping outside our comfort zones allows us to grow; to evolve. When we embrace the unknown, and live in the now, we’re doing wonders for our minds. Embrace global citizenship by checking out the 3 part Jamaican Series on Citizen of the World Podcast. Learn about life in Jamaica, and change your perspective!