“This weekend I had plan to go out and explore Amsterdam. Yet, on a Friday night I started reading Citizen of the World by author Kathleen Parisien. The book makes you stay at home on the weekend by cancelling all your plans because each chapter triggers your curiosity and wanting to read more, more, and more “what happened next?!… Still reading on my couch yet I’m feeling as if I’m traveling the countries with Kathleen Parisien”
5 star review by Eva Gulin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

citizen of the world kathleen parisien

It is with great honour that I announce my first e-book, Citizen of the World Part One: A Courageous Story of Volunteering Abroad, and Solo Backpack Travel in South America. As a child, I was always curious of the world, and global citizenship. Why should we be constrained to just one environment, why not travel and experience different cultures? Curiosity led me to quick my 9-5 job, and join an international internship in Brasilia, Brazil. I had no idea that 5 years later, I would be an author with an e-book!

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International Volunteer

My international volunteer experience with AIESEC in Brasilia opened my eyes to the world. It was here that I learned a foreign language, Portuguese. I lived with local Brazilian families and learned their way of life. All these experiences are found in Citizen of the World, the Ebook. Read how a 2 month volunteer program, turned into a six month backpacking journey in South America.

” It is in Brasilia that I formed these cross-cultural relationships. Our energies together were striking, and the conversations we had were natural, innovative, and truly different than what I was used to in Canada. I developed a lot of patience by listening to people whose native language was not English, and I grew a profound sense of admiration for those who work so hard to learn English”
Citizen of the World Ebook Chapter 4

citizen of the world kathleen parisien
Kathleen Parisien
Author, Citizen of the World

Solo Backpack South America

Traveling solo in South America was an opportunity of self-discovery. I developed a strong sense of self identity, as traveling allowed me to truly live in the moment. I let go of societal expectations, and embraced the unknown. Citizen of the World the E-book is filled with my diary posts from backing solo in South America.

Citizen of the World Notable Chapters

  • Learn to Let Go of the Past
  • Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery in Brazil
  • Allow Strangers to Become Like Family in Brasilia
  • Never Fall for Stereotypes in Curitiba, Brazil
  • Do the Unexpected in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Walk through Foreign Cities Whenever You Can in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Stay Strong in the Face of Adversity
  • You Are The Master of Your Own Universe – Bolivia
  • Put Restlessness into Action

I want you to read this book and feel like you are traveling. Become inspired by courageous fearlessness outside of our comfort zones. Believe that your dreams can come true, and you can travel. Travel gave me personal transformation, but also opened my eyes to global citizenship.

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