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Learning to let go is step one in my book, Citizen of the World A Guide to Adventure and Self Discovery. Let go of the past, let go of expectations, and let go of emotions. Citizen of the World inspires letting go and moving forward. By identifying our ego, we can start living in the Now. By being courageous, and fearless you too can follow your dreams. Now, I’m happy to announce my next project, The Citizen of the World Course.

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Citizen of the World Course

Learn to let go Citizen of the World Course by kathleen parisien
Available Soon at Citizen of the World and Udemy

Get ready for the launch of Learn to Let Go Citizen of the World the Course! Primarily, this course is designed especially for you to inspire action towards your dreams. More ever, learn to let go of expectations, live in the Now, identify your Ego and discover your potential. Join my Newsletter to get up to date information on the launch of Citizen of the World Course.

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Learning To Let Go Citizen of the World Course

Citizen of the World the Course, inspires individuals to follow their dreams fearlessly. Through personal transformation, we’ll have global transformation. What a much better place we’d live in, if everyone pursued their divine purpose. Would we not have a more happy, peaceful, and purpose driven existence? One where compassion and empathy lead us to cooperation and tolerance.

learn to let go citizen of the work course
Learn To Let Go, Citizen of the World Course

Let’s get you on the path to living your true purpose, so together we can make the world a better place. For ourselves, and for others too. Are you following your dreams? People can change the world, not governments.

Learn to Let Go

Chapter 1 Citizen of the World

Imagine you are walking up a steep mountain with a packsack on your back. The pack is full of rocks. These rocks are metaphors for what you carry as a result of life. The rocks could embody the weight from a failed relationship, trauma from your childhood, or even expectations that you hold for yourself—whatever they are, they are weighing you down. As you try to climb the mountain, you almost run out of breath because it’s a daunting task to carry your own body, in addition to these burdensome rocks. You begin to lose energy and become dehydrated. You take a break to reach for water, but realize you forgot to pack water because all you have room to carry in your packsack are these rocks. Society, friends, and family allocate a lot of burden onto us to be, do, and act a certain way. What happens when we put down the packsack, remove the rocks, and live the life that we were destined to live?

Citizen of the World by Kathleen Parisien Chapter 1

Let Go and Move Forward

What are you holding onto that is preventing you from letting go and moving forward? How can you live as a better version of yourself? You may find answers to these questions in Learn to Let Go Citizen of the World Course! Start letting go of the past and start following your dreams today.

“I don’t know what to do with my life”

Are you asking yourself what to do with your life? Not sure what path to take next? Do you dream about changing your life, but aren’t sure where to start? My adventure started because “I didn’t know what to do with my life”. Emotions of depression started to sink in, and like I was dying inside. I wish I would have known about the Learn to Let Go Citizen of the World Course back then!

Feeling Stuck In Life

Instead of feeling stuck, and unsure about what to do next in your life, join Citizen of the World. I will empower you to see the path clearer. Kick start your awakening with Citizen of the World, the Course. Learn about experiencing other cultures, learning new languages, and adapting a Citizen of the World mentality.

Live in the Now

Let go of what was, and what could have been. Living in the past is useless, rather focus on what is NOW. As Eckhart Tolle advocates, Live in the Now as the Now is the only thing we actually have. Tolle writes intensively about letting go of emotions to live in the Now. Learn about this more in Learn to Let Go Citizen of the World Course.

Let Go Of Expectations

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Algarve, Portugal

I learned how to let go of expectations by quitting my 9-5 job, and turning a 2 month internship in Brasilia, Brazil into two years of living abroad and outside of my comfort zone. By letting go of my own expectations of how life was supposed to be, I was able to experience peace and freedom.

Societal expectations made me think I’d feel complete with a 9-5 job, but I didn’t. I let go of expectations and designed a life based on my own desires. By traveling the world, and opening my mind to new perspectives, I found my purpose. The purpose I found by letting go of what was, and accepting what is. You too can re-write your own narrative by following your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.

How To Stop Identifying With Your Ego

For most of us, it’s very difficult to let go and stop identifying with your ego. However, learning to differentiate yourself apart from your ego is transformational. When you can stop identifying with material belongings, or a certain status, you allow yourself to be at peace. Learn how to stop identifying with your ego in this course.

Letting Go With Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle writes and speaks exhaustively about letting go of the ego identity. In Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday Podcast she shares the story of her obsession with weight loss. She obsessed about loosing weight and bragged about fitting into size 10 Calvin Klein Jeans. In Oprah’s story, she’s showing how her ego took over her life. Her obsession with loosing weight and looking a certain way, was not her, but her ego. The quicker we stop identifying with our ego’s, the more we connect to our true purpose. Eckhart Tolle inspired me while in Brazil as I was reading The Power of Now. This book was fundamental in my spiritual awakening and provided the framework for Learn to Let Go Citizen of the World Course.

How to Let go of Emotions

Learning how to get go of emotions builds emotional intelligence. Instead of allowing pain and suffering bring us down, we can use these emotions to propel forward.  We can choose to have a pity party, and to remain locked in a victimhood mentality, or we can choose to get go. Letting go of emotions of hate, and transcending forgiveness and reconciliation can go a long way. Learn to Let Go Citizen of the World Course is the first step to your personal transformation journey.

Letting go of emotions
Algarve, Portugal

Letting go is only step one in the Citizen of the World Course. Stay tuned for posts about embracing the unknown, making time for self-discovery, experiential learning, tolerance, and fearlessness are other modules in the Citizen of the World Course.

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