Visiting the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

In this weeks podcast, I’ll share my experience of visiting the arch of Cabo San Lucas. Listen to why to avoid all inclusive resorts, and how to visit the arch of Cabo San Lucas and Lovers Beach for only $12. Save money, and free your soul by staying off all inclusive resorts. Listen on Apple iTunes.

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Paradisus Los Cabos

Compound – All Inclusive Resorts

After a week in Los Cabos, I was ready to leave. What? How come? The weather was warm, the beach was beautiful, the people were friendly, and there was so much more to explore. Why did I want to leave? Because of the compound of an all inclusive resort. Of course you get fed up with it, its an institution! The environment controls your every move. What you eat, what time you eat, where you can eat, where you can go, where you cant go. And most people love this. Most people only take a few weeks off a year, so they enjoy relaxing on an all inclusive resort. But wait a second, is this living? Is that what you call a vacation? To escape life to some imaginary planet? No, that’s running away from your problems. Which will be back when you get back from vacation. 

Citizen of the World Podcast Episode 009

Are you taking action outside your comfort zone? Are you following your dreams? Do you want to travel, but are scared of the unknown?  On Citizen of the World podcast, hosted by Kathleen Parisien I set out to help inspire action outside your comfort zone. I am a confidence coach, and sales specialist. This is a podcast for ambitious and adventurous people who want to live purposeful lives while making the world a better place. By stepping outside our comfort zones, we fulfill the light within us that is wanting to shine brighter. Make the world a better place by shining your light. Citizen of the world believe in collaboration rather than competition. We can all learn from each other as our light burns brighter in collaboration with others. So every week, you’ll hear podcasts from myself and some weeks I’ll have guests on, so together we can make the world a better place.

Bus Transportation Los Cabos

After a few days in the beautiful compound, my soul wanted to be set free. Paradisus Los Cabos is a luxurious, 5 star resort, but I wanted an experience. Thankfully, myself, my husband and another couple left the resort. For a few dollars, we caught the local bus heading into Los Cabos. This is a tourist city, for sure. So, I wasn’t even slightly scared. Other guests recommended that we order a taxi from the resort so we knew we were safe, but I didn’t feel a need to pay for something I did not need. The resort makes money off your fear,I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. I’m not talking about a dangerous city in Mexico, this is Los Cabos. 

paradisus los cabos

So because we weren’t afraid and wanted to just live – after being on the bus with locals, mostly other locals working at the hotels, because again it’s a tourist trap city. 

Marina Cabo San Lucas

We got down to the marina and it was beautiful. The most expensive marina in the world, with lavish luxurious boats. Boats from around the world, but probably mostly the United states. A lot of people with lots of money go to Cabo. It’s incredibly luxurious, but still we had the most affordable day.

Visiting the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

There are so many salesmen selling boat tours to the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas and pelican rock. We jumped into a glass bottom boat with other tourists for only $12 a person. The boat ride was only 20 minutes and featured an amazing view of the entire city of Cabo. We were heading out into the Sea of Cortez to see these large rock formations. I was just so happy to be outside the compound. Now, this is Mexico. Sorta. We took pictures of the Arch of Cabo San Lucas the arches and the other interesting rocks. Years and years of water erosion make for amazing art. Beyond the rocks, was the pacific ocean. The driver saw whales and headed towards them. For free, now we were on a whale watching excursion. Wow, Cabo is incredible. What a place that you can just see whales swimming by. 

visiting the arch of cabo san lucas affordable


Lovers Beach

After our whale watching adventure, the driver dropped us off on the beach. Lovers beach on one side, and divorce beach on the other. Now, we were on an island with rock formations in the middle of the sea. Desert meets the ocean, and it was amazing. All for $12! If we had purchased this excursion from the hotel, we would have paid over $100 USD. I felt like I saved a lot of money by just taking a bus downtown.

lovers beach

Flow Like Water

 I let experiences happen, instead of planning them. We cant plan our every move. What would be the fun in that? Instead, just see what life gives you. When you plan everything, you’re not open to changes. You’re not opening up energy and opportunities that could come your way. It’s important to flow like water, and let things happen. When was the last time you experienced serendipity? Events that just blow your mind, were actually supposed to happen. If we let them happen.

Affordable day in Cabo San Lucas

After spending an hour on the island, our water taxi came back for us. We then walked around Cabo, and ate lunch for $20. Overall, we spent $4 on the bus (there and back), $12 on the water taxi and $20 on lunch. $36 for a day adventuring Cabo. 

Paradisus All Inclusive Resort

For the rest of the vacation, we made the best of the all inclusive resort. It really was a beautiful place and we enjoyed the exceptional service. But, for $5,000 a week, we could have adventured to Asia and just had so much more.  Thankfully it was an all expense paid trip will work, so we didn’t pay for it. I am a successful commission sales manager, and next week I’ll be sharing the top 10 advice to be successful in commission sales. So, next year our business excellence conference will be in Barcelona, Spain. Our hotel will be in the city so we can roam around. I am so excited. There’s just something so amazing about walking around a foreign city and discovering new things. If we stay within our own comfort zones, we don’t see the beauty that lies ahead.

Remember, the more you do different things, the universe will talk to you. Your soul brings you where you need to go. Have confidence in the world, and be a citizen of the world. That is within each and every one of us as human beings. Our capacity and ability to connect with others. 

Let go and Enjoy the Experience

It’s all about the experience. Enjoy the experience. Free yourself from bring too much stuff on vacation by just packing carry on. People were amazed to find out that I only travel carry on. I just love being free and not bringing everything with me. Whatever I bring, I’ll wear. When you cling onto material goods, you’re not giving your mind freedom and liberty to be creative. Also, checked luggage isn’t always guaranteed to arrive. I thought about all the people who must have done so much shopping for this trip, and then the stuff doesn’t even arrive. Let go of all the unnecessary planning to gain consciousness. See the world bigger, instead of focusing on the small things. Travel the world with grace, and accept that everything is possible and let go of expectations. The more you believe, the more it is possible.

Citizen of the World

If getting off an all inclusive resort scares you, I highly recommend that you read my book, Citizen of the World. It’s my personal diary that highlights the extreme highs of travelling and the extreme lows. You will see that throughout my darkest times, I still came out strong and courageous. Each adventure teaches us something, and if we were too fearful to go after it, then we were selling ourselves short.

Shine Your Light

Go out there and shine your light. This was a fun podcast to record, if you liked it please leave me a review on Apple Podcasts. Want tips for being successful in Commission Sales? I am seeking who aren’t afraid of the unknown, and want to be their own boss. If you want to set your own schedule, and earn unlimited income, You can contact me directly at [email protected]