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Looking for a content writer for your website? Or, maybe you need help boosting sales, or your exposure on social media. Talk to me about your business needs. What will give you more freedom to do the things you love to do? Delegate tasks that you don’t enjoy, or can’t do to a business coach to help grow your business. I do SEO content writing to increase traffic to your website. Rank on the first page of Google with quality SEO content.

Hire Kathleen for sales coaching, SEO content writing and business advertising. Are you afraid of sales? Is social media scary for you? Hire Kathleen help to grow your business, so you can have more freedom.

Learn strategies to work less, and not more. Learn to live to work, not work to live.


Learn how to succeed in sales. Gain practical sales strategies to grow your business and boost revenues.


Increase your ranking on Google with specific keyword content. Convert traffic into qualified clients with SEO Content Writing.


Need help with branding, or e-mail marketing? Want to increase your social media presence? Book a free discovery call today.


A business coach will look at your business from a different perspective and help you grow. Collaborate with a business coach to combat limiting beliefs, change your perspective, and increase sales.

Book a FREE discovery call with Kathleen Parisien to see your business can benefit from increased ranking on Google and Bing.

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SEO Copywriting Services


Buy monthly unique, easy to read blogs that fit your specific keyword phrases. This includes 4 blog posts, posted weekly for effective search engine optimization (SEO). Get noticed by Google crawler bots with relevant and frequent high-quality blog posts.



Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Once visitors land on your website, do you want to inspire them to take action? Maybe you’d like visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, or initiate a transaction. A website must always include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting if you want to convert visitors into paid clients. Where does your website currently rank? Are you getting the right volume of leads for your business capacity? If you want to grow your business, let’s talk about my SEO copywriting services.


Easy to Read SEO Copywriting

SEO Copy writing services Kathleen ParisienTurn website traffic into clients with easy to read, and clear SEO copywriting. Effective SEO is just that, effective because it places your website in front of people already looking for you. Answer the questions your ideal client is already looking for with SEO content. By posting frequently, boost your presence on Google. Google’s algorithms want to rank you higher on search results if your website is search engine optimized with easy to read content, blogs and website articles.

Writing Services

Drive high qualified traffic to your website with frequent blog posts. Choose between weekly, and biweekly blog posts to increase your search engine rank. Do you have a list of keywords? I can also help you with that. Using keyphrases is important for good SEO. Writing is a learned skill, and by using specific keywords, we can build a strategic plan for the growth of your website.

Let’s talk SEO Copywriting Services

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As an author, Native English speaker, and a Master’s level university graduate, I love to write. I am a professional writer, sales specialist, and SEO guru. With my proven system of writing high-quality SEO content, I have made business’ thrive. I will treat your business as if it were my own. Book a free discovery call, and let’s chat about how I can help your business flourish.

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