Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – Episode 004

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This podcast is dedicated to highlighting the big takeaways from Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose. This book is refreshing and can be truly helpful in helping you awaken to your life’s purpose.  This is definitely a thought-provoking podcast and with everything in life, I suggest you have an open mind. In this podcast, I’m going to walk you through tackling questions like “I don’t know what to do with my life” and the ego definition. We’re also going to talk about the ego and various role identities to find out who you truly are. Learn to change your perspective, and how to let go of the past and how to let go of anger. From Eckhart we learn a simple mantra, “this too shall pass” and how we can embrace suffering as an opportunity for growth. At the end of the podcast, receive tips from Eckhart of how to awaken consciousness with acceptance, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

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A New Earth

The teachings of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth help align our daily actions to our spirituality, to create a better world. By being better versions of ourselves, we can make the world a better place. For ourselves, and the other people we meet. Ironically, this is also the motif for my podcast, Citizen of the World. By fulfilling our true purposes we make the world a better place. 


Who is Eckhart Tolle?

Eckhart Tolle is now an award winning best selling author, and spiritual teacher. He was at the brink of suicide, when he realized that he wasn’t conscious. He grew up in a household with fighting parents. However, his suffering, brought him to a place to write this book. He claims if he didn’t go through the suffering, he wouldn’t be a spiritual teacher today. I believe that every action brings us to where we are today. 

ego definition Find out who you truly are portugal

The lessons in this book should be taught in schools internationally wide. This is what young people, and adults need to hear. Revolutionary book that is truly life changing. It asks us to go deep within ourselves to find the answers to our everyday problems.

Some of us are still awakening to consciousness so some of what’s mentioned in this podcast might be far fetched, but that’s alright. Wherever you are today, thank you for tuning in. Instead of asking yourself “What to do with my life”, you are taking action to find answers. Give yourself a hug for tuning in because this podcast is a thought-provoking one to get you thinking about your life, and your life’s purpose.


Oprah named this book a life changer and continues to have Eckhart Tolle star regularly on Oprah’s Super Soul conversations podcast. Eckhart’s teachings are spiritual and truthful and have impacted the world of many.

Eckhart has his own spiritual awakening as he was about to kill himself. Since not committing suicide and awakening to the now, Eckhart is a spiritual teacher that travels throughout the world helping people stay present and awaken to consciousness. Let’s get started!

Citizen of the World the Podcast Episode 004

Citizen of the World Podcast Awakening to your life's purpose Kathleen parisien ego definition Find out who you truly are

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By stepping outside our comfort zones, we fulfill the light within us that is wanting to shine brighter. Make the world a better place by shining your light. Citizen of the world believes in collaboration rather than competition. We can all learn from each other as our light burns brighter in collaboration with others. Tune in weekly for podcasts and be sure to subscribe directly at

I don’t know what to do with my life

In Eckahart Tolle’s A New Earth, I’ve learned that our true purpose is being conscious and aware in the present moment. Yet, so many people spend time thinking, “I don’t know what to do with my life”. Why are so many people asking themselves, “what to do with my life” ? Is this the ego definition?

i dont know what to do with my life ego definition

The real question should be “how can I just be?”. Are we causing anxiety, stress and depression into our lives by trying to do too much? Always thinking “I don’t know what to do with my life”, take you away from the present moment. What if just being who you are today is what you should be doing with your life. But, how can we tame our mind and thoughts to live a more peaceful life? That is what Eckhart Tolle teaches us in the New Earth. If you are constantly saying “I don’t know what to do with my life”, do yourself a favour and read Citizen of the World and A New Earth.

As Tolle says where you are at the present moment is where you should be, and by being fully present and conscious of the present moment, you can do whatever it is you’re doing with full attention and grace. When we’re truly focused, we allow creative energy to flow through us. When that happens, we’re no longer asking “what to do with my life” as we’re at peace and joyful. 

Eckhart Tolle

I first read Eckhart Tolle’s famous book The Power of Now back in 2012.ego definition

If only I would have read The Power of Now back in Kindergarten as I would have saved myself a time of time and money. I read the Power of Now when I was in Brazil, after quitting my 9-5 job in Canada. I was on a mission of self discovery, to find my true purpose. This is my book Citizen of the World. My quest for finding out what to do with my life. I kept asking myself “what to do with my life” and so I took off volunteering in Brazil, backpacking South America, and then moving to Israel for my Master’s degree.what to do with my life citizen of the world kathleen parisien travel book

All of this, was living outside my comfort zone for 2.5 years. The growth and personal development I experienced was tremendous. The book is my adventure of letting go of the past, and living in the now. At the time, I was reading Eckhart’s The Power of now..but recently on a vacation to Jamaica I read Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth, Awakening to your Life’s Purpose. Eckhart Tolle gave me clarity on the ego definition and provides direction for those that are struggling to find to answer the question “What to do with my life?”.

The Flowering of Human Consciousness

Eckhart Tolle starts off the book by talking about flowers. Why flowers?  Jesus tells us to contemplate the flowers and learn from them how to live. Eckhart Tolle interrupts this as flowers symbolize true nature. From just a seed, the flower sprouts. Eckhart explains that the flower is like a messenger from another realm. Flowers, crystals, precious stones and birds are all one life, one consciousness. Eckhart Tolle argues,

“Even someone with little or no presence can occasionally sense that there is more than the mere physical existence of that form”.

People are drawn to flowers, babies, puppies because they are all new forms of life. The flower, crystal or bird shows humans a window into the formless. To recognize life and formlessness is awakening to consciousness. This is powerful. Next time you’re walking in a forest, observe all around you without labeling it. Just sense the aliveness, and that alone will bring peace and joy to you. Find out who you truly are by appreciating what is around you. This is the art of flowering of human consciousness. 

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but finding the goodness that is already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge. But it can only emerge if something fundamental changes in your state of consciousness”.

We all have the ability to be present within us. What we’ve been searching for all along, may just well be within us.

Find out who you truly are

Religion and Awakening to your Life’s Purpose

Eckhart Tolle goes on to discuss religion, which assists to understand the ego definition.

Religion enhances a false sense of self, and as a religion is likes to separate us versus them. Religion has created some of the world’s biggest conflicts, so what Eckhart Tolle writes about is connecting deeper to the spirituality within you. Rather than clinging to a religion, connect within to your own spiritual dimension.

find out who you truly are

I myself who got married in the catholic church last year, see how religion is limiting. We’re supposed to do as we’re told, and follow the rules of the church. But are these inherently God’s rules?  Religion comes with a belief system that you hold as the absolute truth. However, Eckhart Tolle questions if this makes us more spiritual. He argues,

“The more you make your thoughts (beliefs) into your identity, the more cut off you are from the spiritual dimension within yourself”

People today, this generation want to connect to god themselves. We find our own ways to be spiritual instead of attending mass like our ancestors did. This is the new world that Eckhart is talking about in this book, the new world.

This book will liberate you from the voice in your head as you learn that this is not you by clearly spelling out the ego definition.

Ego definition

ego definition i dont know what to do with my life

The simplest ego definition is the thoughts in your mind that keep going and going and going, without your consciousness. Habitual ways of thinking and acting, based on a mental fabrication. Usually the ego developed in your childhood and continued to grow into adulthood. Understand the ego definition to awaken to your life’s purpose. Find out who you truly are by recognizing the ego within you to transcend it.

Define ego

The ego definition, according to Eckhart, is the illusory self. By just using the I statement, I’m talking about me, my, mine and myself. This is misleading because I embodies a misperception of who you are. I is just an illusory sense of identity, and this is the ego. This development of I happened when we were children, when we were taught my toy. According to the ego definition, our ego’s were also developed as children. As we develop into adults, the toy continuously gets replaced by other things, and we become so attached to these things. Like I will suffer if I don’t get this or don’t get that. This is all pure ego. The suffering was brought upon by your own attachment. So, to Eckhart the key is to detach ourselves from things, and titles to awaken to your life’s purpose.

Just like being Canadian, I am from Canada but I am more than just being Canadian. I am a human being. Just identifying myself as a Canadian limits who I truly am, yet some people are happy with this identity. Which is a false identity. 

ego definition citizen of the world Find out who you truly are

Let go

 “Letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on”

I understand this from quitting my 9-5 and travelling the world. I sold my house, car, and just had a backpack on my back. Find out who you truly are by letting go. The act of letting go of everything was rejuvenating, as I was able to function without the heavy ego dragging me around. Instead, I could just be conscious to the present moment. Traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people is important for learning to let go and misidentify with your ego. 

“The thoughts forms of “me” and “mine” or “I want”, “I need”, “I must have” are the structure of the ego.

When I came back to Canada after traveling, I could tell that my priorities had shifted. I cared more about nature, spirituality and just being. While, others continued to obsess about material things as if they were looking for their own happiness within them. They were not aware of the ego definition.

“Ego is always identification with form, seeking yourself and thereby losing yourself in the some forms”

Citizen of the World

From backpacking South America, and seeing so many different perspectives, I knew not to seek happiness in things, because I had learned to detach from things and connect to my inner spirituality. My spiritual awakening is very obvious when you read my book, Citizen of the World. I stopped identifying with myself, and with the greater whole. That is life, presence and consciousness. Find out who you truly are by reading my book, Citizen of the World. Get your copy here.

I don't know what to do with my life ego definition Find out who you truly are

Ego and Role Identities

The ego makes us think we are above others because it thrives from competition. But misidentifying with the ego means being humble and present. Treating everyone the same, from the janitor at your gym, to the CEO of your company. This is what it means to feel aliveness inside of you. What thoughts are you holding onto in your mind of how life should be? We see this a lot with parents. Parents expecting their child to be this or that. But what has this mother’s expectations on her child done to herself? 

Like for example, if a mother only focuses her life on solely being a mother, what happens when the child is 18 and moves abroad? What happens to the mother? We are more than the roles we perform in society, and if we attach ourselves too much to a role, what happens to us? Instead, find out who you truly are deeper than these roles.

“When being a parent becomes an identity, however, when your sense of self is entirely or largely derived from it, the function easily becomes overemphasized, exaggerated, and takes you over”. 

Instead be there for your children and let them be who they want to be. Give them space to be. Use the ego definition to not allow attachment to take over your life.

This is the same situation as getting married. If I would only focus on being a wife, and forget about myself where would that leave me and my marriage? Awaken to your life’s purpose will actually help your marriage.

Ego Defintion Expanded

Eckhart has chapters dedicated to exploring the ego more in depth and to find out who you truly are. What I enjoyed reading were the solutions to combating the ego, and thus being more present. To awaken to your life’s purpose, you must embrace the ego definition and work hard to eliminate the ego from your self identity.

Finding out who you truly are

ego definition find out who you truly are

Since we’ve just learned that you’re not the thoughts in your mind, then who are you? Eckhart recommends giving praise, appreciation, assistance, loving are and so on to everyone.

“You cannot receive what you don’t give. Outflow determines inflow”

See abundance around you instead of limitations to awaken to your life’s purpose. And, also not reacting to situations. When something happens in your life, how do you react? Are you upset and pissed off for days? Who does this serve? Let it go, and in that moment of letting go, that consciousness is who you truly are. This is awakening to your life’s purpose.

Through paying attention to your breath, just take one breath in and one breath out right now. Do it again, but this time take a few moments in between breathing in and out – that space between the breaths is who you truly are. Find out who you truly are by focusing on your breath. It’s not more complicated than just acknowledging what is within you. Yoga is also a great way to develop your breath consciousness.

Change your perspective

ego definition

It’s not the thoughts we tell ourselves of who we are. For example, I worked so hard to become a sales manager for the company I work with. I had this image of myself as a successful manager, coaching and inspiring others but when I actually got the job, it wasn’t for me. I had wanted this so badly, or so I thought. It turns out it was my ego. By misidentifying with our ego, we’re able to change our perspective, from one that is pure, instead of driven by the ego. Can you think of how your ego has motivated you to do something? How has the ego definition help change your perspective? Find out who you truly are by transcending the ego.

One question I get a lot is how to let go of the past? Let’s address this.

How to let go of the past

Awaken to your life’s purpose cannot be without letting go of the past. In my book, Citizen of the World,  Chapter 1 is called Learn to let go of the past.I don't know what to do with my life citizen of the world kathleen parisien make money being you

 Imagine you are walking up a steep mountain with a packsack on your back. The pack is full of rocks. These rocks are metaphors for what you carry as a result of life. The rocks could embody the weight from a failed relationship, trauma from your childhood, or even expectations that you hold for yourself—whatever they are, they are weighing you down. As you try to climb the mountain, you almost run out of breath because it’s a daunting task to carry your own body, in addition to these burdensome rocks. You begin to lose energy and become dehydrated. You take a break to reach for water, but realize you forgot to pack water because all you have room to carry in your packsack are these rocks. Society, friends, and family allocate a lot of burden onto us to be, do, and act a certain way. What happens when we put down the packsack, remove the rocks, and live the life that we were destined to live? 

Letting go of Anger

Pain bodies in us that we carry along with us. Pain or trauma from our childhood, or later in life stays with us. Find out who you truly are by letting go of these pain bodies. This is why energy healers and Reiki healers are so important as they help clear out blocked energy to help awaken to your life’s purpose. This recent emergence of Eastern medicine in the Western world is a breath of fresh air compared to Big Pharma and prescription pills. Prescription pills, don’t address the root issue. Eastern medicine is much more spiritual and shouldn’t be overlooked for letting go of anger.

Eckhart Tolle explains that we can let go of anger by detaching ourselves from the story. Depression, anxiety or worrying is our minds associating what is happening to a past story. Bring about consciousness to detach yourself from the story. Find out who you truly are by neglecting the past. Eckhart recommends one mantra to repeat when feeling anxious is “this too, shall pass”. This is how Eckhart recommends to see life events neutrally, rather than good or bad. 

“This too shall pass”

Acknowledge that things happen but let them go. And when bad things happen, you can say to yourself “this too shall pass”. This is also the case for when good things happen, good things will also pass. The key is learning not to associate a certain moment as good or bad, but rather it is what it is. It’s also essential that whatever happens is temporary  By seeing everything as temporary you’re acknowledging the transience of life. The transience of life is the relief that so many seek. Find out who you truly are and accept the transience of life.

Find out who you truly are

Eckhart advises us to accept the transience of all things and to embrace change. He also employs us to enjoy pleasure without fear of loss or anxiety about the future and to detach ourselves to gain any higher vantage points. That is essentially what being in the now is about. Not allowing past experiences hold you back from being present with the future. Misidentifying with what was, and continuously flow like water. Acknowledging the ego definition, yet going above that.

When you no longer identify with the pain body, that’s presence, awareness and consciousness. Eckhart writes,

“When you don’t identity with it, the pain body can no longer control you’re thinking and so cannot renew itself anymore by feeding off your thoughts”.

A shift in your consciousness is the awakening process. When you see it arise in the future, you might laugh. I find myself laughing all the time, because now I’m witnessing my thoughts and I’m able to disconnect myself from them.

I highly recommend the book to take you on your own spiritual journey. When was the last time you read a book? And if it wasn’t so long ago, do you remember how it made you feel? Through reading a New Earth awakening to your life’s purpose, I feel like a completely different person.

This book gave me perspective, and opened my eyes to a new earth. It’s a great read to find out who you truly are. Through awakening and being conscious, we are creating a new earth. As Eckhart writes,

“We are in the midst of a momentous event in the evolution of human consciousness, but they won’t be talking about it on the news tonight”. 

Suffering is Growth

Have you ever felt trauma in your life? Perhaps a heartbreak, a divorce, or any kind of traumatic experience… how did this transformation affect your life? When we face crises, we change. In society, we’re not taught not to handle difficult emotions. We often distract ourselves from difficult emotions. Yet, tacking these difficult emotions head on is the key to awakening to your life’s purpose! These moments help to find out who you truly are. As Eckhart says,

“Some kind of personal tragedy, carries great potential for spiritual awakening”.

Through difficulty, there is a transformation, or a rising in consciousness that happens within us. With intense anger, we find a sense of sacred peace of being instead of reacting. This is all about the ego. By defining the ego, we are one step closer to reducing it.

Suffering is growth! Do you find yourself saying “I shouldn’t have to suffer”. This is the ego definition. In reality, as Eckhart advocates “say yes to suffering before you can transcend it”. This is a step in awakening to your life’s purpose.


Find out who you truly are

Traveling alone brings awareness to the unconscious. In society, we’re prone to identify ourselves by our jobs, or the roles we fulfill in society. It’s difficult to find out who you truly are. These jobs, positions and titles are not who you are. You are more than your work. And while traveling, especially alone, your soul becomes free from labels. You can just be apart from societal expectations. Just awaken to your life’s purpose with awareness. 

Someone who just define themselves by what they do to earn money is unconscious. I met a man in Negril who was not relaxed at all. From his high pitched energy, right off the bat I felt his high energy. Within a few moments of meeting me, he asked me what I did for a living. I found this to be a totally out of place question as hello, who cares were in Jamaica. Talk to me about something unmaterialistic! But unfortunately, some people are unconscious to a greater realm, outside of identifying with roles. They don’t see that there’s more to life. He isn’t aware of the ego definition, or how to awakening to your life’s purpose. Don’t get caught in your ego, rather travel often to explore and let your soul be free. Give yourself time to feel like a kid again.

As Eckhart says, “Knowing yourself is to be rooted in Being. Instead of lost in your mind”. 

Traveling helps to slow down the mind and just be.  Instead of stressing about “I don’t know what to do with my life”, focus on being as this will serve as awakening to your life’s purpose. Taking time to just sit on a beach, and meditate. Listen to the sounds of the waves go in and out, just like your breath rising and collapsing. It’s okay to take time and give yourself a break, and just enjoy being. This is why I love this book so much is that it’s about doing less. Through the less, you will awaken to your life’s purpose. As Eckhart writes,

“Knowing yourself is being yourself, and being yourself is ceasing to identify with content”.

Awakened Consciousness

“There are three ways in which consciousness can flow into what you do and thus through you into this world”. 

Awaken to your life’s purpose with acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm. 

“Each one represents a certain vibrational frequency of consciousness”. 

With whatever you are doing, embrace one of the following concepts

  • Acceptance – Focus on what you are doing, and through this consciousness flowing through you you’ll finish the task. Don’t fight what is happening, just accept it and give it your true presence.  Example, doing the dishes or taking snow off your car.
  • Enjoyment – seek enjoyment in the doing, surrounded action – peace. Enjoy not waiting, instead take time to focus on your breath and be conscious to the present.
  • Enthusiasm – To have enthusiasm is to not be alone, but rather to move gracefully towards a goal. Eckhart describes it as an arrow enjoying the way of the journey. So, enthusiasm is having a goal and going towards it. Enthusiasm and the ego cannot exist. Eckhart explains to do something with enthusiasm is to enact a spiritual force. Can you relate to this? When you’re enthusiast and really motivated and on fire towards something – does it not feel like a spiritual force? 

How has the ego definition helped bring clarity about “what do with my life”? Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose is about understanding the ego definition and digger deeper to find out who you truly are.