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Read about a fearless 25 year old woman, author Kathleen Parisien who quit her 9-5 job, refused to settle for 2 weeks’ vacation a year, and stepped outside her comfort zone. Travel South America and the Middle East from the comforts of your own home. Benefit from self-exploratory questions to unleash creativity within you.

From a young age, I knew I was a Citizen of the World. I’m Kathleen Parisien, Author of Citizen of the World.

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About Author Kathleen Parisien

Author, Kathleen Parisien has always felt a deeper connection to other human beings and the greater world. She is curious about other cultures, and thrives outside her comfort zone. Traveling the world allowed her self-reflect and become a Citizen of the World. Rather than identifying with herself as a Canadian, Kathleen Parisien identifies with humanity and the spiritual essence of life. What do you identify as?

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Travel for Transformation

Author Kathleen Parisien, at the age of 22 quit her 9-5 job, said no to only two weeks of vacation a year, and booked a flight to South America for 6 months! South America opened her eyes to freedom, adventure, and self-confidence. From South America, Kathleen Parisien traveled to Israel and Palestine to immerse myself into a conflict zone. Challenges in our worldly travels define who we are as a purpose, and help unlock our true potentials.

Today I am a Citizen of the World.

Citizen of the world, free to travel across borders, not bound by one natonality

Being a Citizen of the World, means living your best life possible. Author, Kathleen Parisien believes in self-discovery through travel. Stepping outside your comfort zone is the key to development and growth. By being adventurous, and stepping into the unknown, you learn more about yourself and the greater world around you. We grow from real life experiences.

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“A Citizen of the World steps outside their comfort zone for personal and global transformation” – Author, Kathleen Parisien

international travelers with palestinian children in UNRAW aida refugee camp in bethlehem, Palestine
Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine

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After 3 years of hard work, Citizen of the World by Author Kathleen Parisien is complete.

What is this book about?!

“This book Citizen of The World is a beautiful and vulnerable story of self-discovery through the world of travel. The author, Kathleen Parisien, details her emotional and unforgettable journey through foreign lands as she learns how to let go of the past, say goodbye without forgetting, and to live in the now, enjoying each moment for what it truly is – a precious gift. Citizen of The World is the perfect read for those restless souls who are looking for more in life, who know there’s a big, exciting world out there to discover, and who want to see firsthand the freedom, inner growth, and confidence that can be found by traveling”

Danielle Anderson
United States

“This weekend I had plan to go out and explore Amsterdam. Yet, on a Friday night I started reading Citizen of the World by Author Kathleen Parisien. The book makes you stay at home on the weekend by cancelling all your plans because each chapter triggers your curiosity and wanting to read more, more, and more “what happened next?!… Still reading on my couch yet I’m feeling as if I’m traveling the countries with Kathleen Parisien”

Eva Gulin
The Netherlands

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