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Planning and executing my around the world backyard wedding was a success. Guests raved of how much they enjoyed my travel themed backyard wedding. Some guests indicated, “Kathleen, this is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” I was beyond flattered because I put so much thought and planning into executing my perfect around the world backyard wedding. Follow my advice for your around the world backyard wedding to surprise your guests, and create a memorable evening for everyone.

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Around the World Travel Theme Backyard Wedding

I will show you how to save money by planning an around the world backyard wedding. Do you and your partner like to travel? I discovered myself through travel. As I wrote a book, Citizen of the World it was only fitting that my backyard wedding theme be, Travel themed.

Marriage is an adventure. Start your marriage by choosing an around the world travel theme. Start to envision the event, months in advance. I suggest creating a Backyard Wedding Board on Pinterest, like I did. This gave me the ability to organize my thoughts, before I started creating and building decoration. Realize that you can’t do it all, but use Pinterest to create your vision board. Once you know your vision, it’s much easier to execute.

How to Plan a Travel Themed Wedding

The key to planning a travel themed wedding is to gather numerous travel related items far in advance. Months before my wedding, I would visit second-hand stores and buy globes, atlas’, maps, vintage luggage and basically anything travel related. I had no idea how all these pieces would fit in together, but I knew they were inline with my vision board. This way, I was saving money by buying cost-friendly items and not stressing on how to plan a travel themed wedding. The small items I purchased over the year would later be the success of my travel themed wedding. In addition to thrift-stores, I highly recommend checking out Ali Express. From here, you can buy party decorations for a fraction of the price. The items are being shipped from China, so expect a few months before it’s delivered. I ordered baggage claims, LED lights, my travel-themed backdrop, and more from Ali Express.

Baggage Claim Travel Themed Wedding

baggage claim around the world weddingAs mentioned, I purchased my baggage claims on Ali Express for my travel themed wedding. A few days before the wedding, my in-laws and I stuffed the baggage claims with chocolate from Israel and maple syrup candies from Canada. This fit into my travel themed wedding and was perfect for my wedding as my husband is Israeli, and I’m Canadian. Our guests loved the gesture. Our baggage claim was in the corner of our tent. I would suggest putting it somewhere in the center of the action so people actually remember to take home their baggage claims!

You can choose to put whatever you want in your baggage claim for your travel themed wedding. Make it something special to you and your partner.

Travel Themed Wedding Guestbook

travel guest book around the world back yard wedding

My travel themed wedding guestbook was totally was minute. I went onto, straight to the photo centre. It was remarkably easy to put together a travel-themed wedding guestbook using Costco’s photo center platform. Within a few days, my guestbook was ready for pick up.

In my travel themed wedding guestbook, I added pictures of places my husband and I visited together. I added pictures of us in Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver, Dominican Republic, and New Brunswick. Guests were invited to sign the travel themed wedding guestbook below or right on our photos. Now, I will forever have an album of our travel before marriage, blessed with the autographs of our friends and family. A great keepsake.

Travel Themed Wedding Backdrop

travel themed wedding backdrop

My travel themed wedding backdrop was put together the very same day as my backyard wedding! Truth be told, I had no idea what everything would look like until it was physically set up. As I had prepared so much stuff in advance, it was very easy to fill the tent. The travel themed wedding backdrop came from Ali Express. Months before, I ordered this wall-size map for maybe $10 USD. I also ordered LED string curtain lights from Ali Express. It all went together perfectly. 

I also ordered 4 ft high L-O-V-E light up Marquee letters from I Do Wedding Rentals.

travel themed wedding backdrop outdoor wedding

The letters were easy to connect to each other, much like assembling Christmas lights together. The sign created the perfect backdrop for a travel-themed wedding.

around the world backyard wedding backdrop

Travel Themed Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

brazil around the world wedding centrepiece

For my travel themed wedding, each centerpiece was assigned a country and flag. My bridesmaid made beautiful picture frames with the country name, and my best friend Jonas ordered flags from Amazon. My seating chart was made from a map, and guests had to find their place in the world. Haha, get it?

Around the World DIY Decorations

around the world wedding itenitary woodburning diy

The majority of my around the world wedding decorations were DIY. I wood-burned every guest’s name into a slab of wood and created signs to create the perfect around the world

backyard wedding. Be sure to purchase a wood-burner and start getting creative! You’ll be surprised at how relaxing and fun working with a wood-burner is. I got most of my inspiration off Pinterest, but I just had fun while I created my own around the world back yard wedding decorations!around the world diy wedding decoration backyard wedding

I made a travel sign representing where all our guests traveled from. Guests from New York, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco really made my backyard wedding, around the world.

backyard wedding decoration idea hanging frame on clothesline

An excellent addition was hanging picture frames. We hung the frames of picture frames on the clothesline. Guests took pictures within the frames.

My hair was styled by Melissa Lemieux, owner of Hair Liv Salon. Melissa’s professionalism was applauded by the entire bride tribe.melissa lemieux hair by liv salon

My wedding wouldn’t be the same without Melissa by my side.

Backyard Wedding Cost

Having a backyard wedding kept our costs low. A backyard wedding will cost you a fraction of the cost compared to renting a hall or space. Keep in mind you’ll need to factor in the following costs for a backyard wedding:

around the world backyard wedding

  • Tent $1,500
  • Tables, Chairs, Champagne Classes, Wine Glasses, Cutlery $1,000
  • Portable Potty Rental $400
  • Decorations (lights) $200make your own champagne backyard wedding

However, you will save money on the venue. In addition, having a backyard wedding means you can control your own bar and keep all the profits. We made our own red wine, and champagne in advance. Everyone loved our home-made champagne, even though we forgot to serve it chilled. Thankfully, no one cared, and there was no leftover champagne at the end of the friendly backyard wedding

Most all of, a backyard wedding is comfortable and cozy for your guests. Everyone felt at home at my around the world backyard wedding. Our wedding was pet friendly, allowing our German Shepherd Benny to also attend! Unfortunately, his handler for the day forgot his tuxedo, and Daddy was too busy posing to notice.

Food for Backyard Wedding

The food for a backyard wedding should be good, but simple. We wanted to spend most of our money on the food and somehow wanted to tie the food to our travel themed wedding. The choice was easy when we discovered Les Fins Becs. Anyone getting married in the Ottawa-Casselman area should get their wedding catered by Les Fins Becs. Their Brazilian BBQ was perfect for food for my backyard wedding. They arrived on site and started a charcoal bbq. Skewers of shrimps, lamb, beef, chicken, and sausage were walking around to serve guests directly at their tables. Guests could also choose from over 5 salads, rice, and potatoes. All my guests still talk about how good the food was at my around the world backyard wedding. Thank you again, Les Fins Becs!

Travel Themed Wedding Planning

backyard wedding around the world planner ottawa kathleen parisien

Check out the ultimate guide to planning your backyard wedding! Looking for help planning your travel themed wedding? I would be happy to assist you! Contact me directly by e-mail at [email protected] Join the Citizen of the World community on Facebook here


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