Travel Anxiety or Childhood Trauma?

Travel anxiety or childhood trauma? What are heightened sensory abilities? Where do they come from? I knew I had unresolved issues from my childhood, but I wasn’t aware that childhood trauma could result in anxiety. Anxiety and childhood trauma have a direct correlation, but many of us are in the dark. Learn about heightened sensory abilities as gifts, rather than diseases. See the benefits of journalling to overcome childhood trauma.  When I was traveling and anxiety arose, I thought I had travel anxiety. Yet, that wasn’t the case.

in November 2018, I had my first anxiety attack while traveling, that opened my eyes to journalling to overcome childhood trauma. It was in New York City, a few blocks away from Ground Zero, that a life altering moment happened for me. Did I experience travel anxiety 

travel anxiety new york city kathleen parisien

Standing on the corner with my friend Jonas, he was explaining how St Peter’s church was not affected during 9-11. I started to imagine the horror of that day, and I started to feel different. Some energy source, or various energy sources were coming over me.

st peters church new york anxiety

Suddenly, I was filled with negative emotions. It’s like I suddenly felt energies that were not my own. My thoughts started to turn very dark as I started to panic about what was happening to me. There was no peace, I felt my energy levels to be too high. My heart felt like it was pounding a million beats per second and I was sweating. I tried to control my thoughts and relax, but the anxiety had taken over me.

Travel Anxiety

Was my panic attack in New York City travel anxiety? I couldn’t believe it. I had previously spent 6 months in South America backpacking alone, and 11 months living in Israel, how could I have travel anxiety? I used to be so brave, fearless and mentally strong. How could I now suddenly feel weak, emotional, on edge and feeling not myself?! Whatever this anxiety was, I did not want to be traveling. I particularly did not want to be in New York City. travel anxiety new york city

The city’s hustle and bustle and constant stimulation was too much for me to handle. Jonas was gracious enough to order us an Uber ride so I could feel calmer. Back in Jonas’ apartment, I just laid on the couch and rested. I focused on my breath, and tried to turn off my thoughts. I had a flight to catch that evening, I was going to go home. But would I be okay at the airport? What if I was too scared to fly? A million daunting thoughts clouded my mind. Why was I experiencing travel anxiety all of a sudden? Was this even travel anxiety that I was experiencing? Or, was it something deeper inside me?

Anxiety and Childhood Trauma

I have lately discovered that my panic attack was not travel anxiety, but anxiety related from childhood trauma. Kat Fowler opened my consciousness to anxiety stemming from childhood trauma. In Kat’s remarkable Podcast The Soul Awakening Podcast, she provides a platform to explain our “heightened sensory abilities”. Instead of feeling confused about my emotions, suddenly Kat provides clarity. Children who experience trauma had to survive, thus eliminating or overcompensating one emotion over the other. Kat explains that anxiety comes up later on in adulthood because its now the time to resolve these unresolved issues. It’s not travel anxiety that I was experiencing, but rather emotions from my childhood trauma were resurfacing. As Kat would probably say, what happened to be in New York City was me becoming aware of my heightened sensory abilities. I didn’t need a medical prescription, but I did need to learn how to deal with my new capacities.

Overcoming Anxiety from Childhood Trauma

anxiety from childhood trauma

Like everything else, overcoming anxiety from childhood trauma is possible with the right mindset. Instead of feeling like I was a victim of my childhood trauma, choose to become empowered. Our biggest pains, teach us the biggest lessons. Now, it was my body reacting to a situation, and I couldn’t control it. What if I could control my “heightened sensory abilities”?

Ability to Feel Others: Heightened Sensory Abilities

heightened sensory abilities

My ability to feel others, is a gift. My heightened sensory abilities are a gift as, I am highly in tact with my emotions, and the emotions of others. From traveling to New York, I learned I am an Empath. My ability to feel others is a gift kept me alive traveling the world for two years. My heightened sensory abilities is my compass that helps me avoid dangerous situations and people. Overcoming anxiety from childhood trauma is difficult because it requires a complete mindset and life style transformation. But, with the right mindset, heightened sensory abilities is a blessing not a curse.

Some Tips to Overcome Anxiety From Childhood Trauma Include:

  • Speaking to a trained professional
  • Forgiveness
  • Energy healing
  • Meditation
  • Alone time
  • Yoga
  • Spending time in Nature
  • Listening to enlightening podcasts like The Soul Awakening Podcast and Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday Podcast – These Podcasts represent fierce women who endured trauma and are strong, healthy and successful today.
  • Journalling

Journalling to Overcome Childhood Trauma

journalling overcome childhood trauma

Journalling to overcome childhood trauma can be very therapeutic and necessary. With a surge of emotions, your body is looking for a release. Putting pen to paper is a healthy release. What happened to me, was my heightened sensory abilities hit me like a pile of bricks in the middle of New York City. The problem was that I neglected journalling, meditating and taking care of myself. After four days of exhaustively traveling, in a busy city, I had nothing left. This allowed for anxiety to thrive, rather than peace and quiet.


Have you experienced a similar situation? Share in the comments below.