5 Tips for Writing Your First Blog Post

Writing your first blog post can be intimidating. However, we all had to start somewhere! The sooner you start writing, the sooner you’ll see results. Starting a blog and writing your first blog post can be very exciting. You now have a platform to share your ideas and provide value to others. Congratulations! By now, you probably already have a domain, blog name, logo, and maybe even a Facebook Business Page. While it may be frightening stepping into the unknown, trust me you’re on the right path! This blog post will provide 5 tips for writing your first blog post. Learn from what I did, and learn from the mistakes I made, so you don’t have to make the same ones.

how to write first blog post
5 Tips for Writing Your First Blog Post

  1. Keyword Research – If there’s one thing I wish I would have known sooner, it’s the importance of keyword research! I see a lot of entrepreneurs making the same mistake. Eager and ready to write is good, but make sure your writing is strategic! Do thorough keyword research even before you start writing. A great blog will include keywords that people are using to search in Google. The more keywords included in your blog posts, the better chances your blog will appear in search results. Using strategic keywords will assist with ensuring your website is search engine optimized (SEO). I use Google’s Keyword Research Planner. Use this tool to develop a list of way over 100-1000 keywords. This way, you’ll never run out of things to write.
  2. Editorial Calendar. The key to writing your first blog post is proper research and planning. Using a simple excel spreadsheet, ideally, the same one where all your keyword research is. Make a calendar for yourself based on a date and a keyword. Build blog titles for what you will write. The editorial calendar keeps you in check when writing. When you arrive at your computer, ready to write, it will be automatic what you write. An editorial calendar ensures your blog is relevant, fresh, and full of strategic keywords.
    5 tips for writing your first blog post
  3. Write for your audience. Who is your ideal client? Be as specific as possible. Even name your avatar. My avatar’s name is Judy, for example. Every time I write a blog, I think about Judy. How can I serve Judy’s problems? What does Judy want to read? What will best serve Judy? Not only will keywords make your blog strategic, but writing with your audience in mind will provide actual value. Here are 5 web content ideas.
  4. Start Writing Daily. Writing is a skill like no other. The more you write, the better you will be. Practice makes perfect, right? Make writing a part of your life. The more you write, the more natural it will be. I suggest keeping a diary/journal and writing at least three pages a day. I do my “morning pages” first thing when I wake up. Daily journaling keeps me writing regularly, and allows for some personal reflection time.
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  5. Look up, Competitors. Competitor research is essential, but I don’t want to scare you. The key here isn’t to compare yourself to them. Because let’s face it, you’re just starting. You can’t possibly be #1 yet! The key to competitor research is to see what they are writing apart, to inspire new keywords, and to see how your business and blog posts can be different. Where can you fill in the gaps? Google wants you to be different for overall good SEO health. Looking at your competitors also gives you a good idea of how long your blog post should be! Remember, leave your ego at the door and focus on filling in the blanks. That’s the point of competitor research.

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