14 Day Meditation Challenge

Welcome to Citizen of the World Podcast Episode 13. Have the choice of tuning in with YouTube or  Spotify for the complete Podcast. This week, we’re talking about the benefits of meditation. Participate in a 14 Day Meditation Challenge to relax, reduce stress, and achieve a relaxation response to balance out your overall well being. Start meditating today!

relaxation response citizen of the world

My good friend Michelle Legault is always so wise and chill. The reason for her carefree, stress free attitude is she’s very centred. She does yoga daily, and has lots of experience with meditation. With everything going on, I figured this was the time to start meditating. Why not? It has so many benefits. It’s just hard to try something new, I get it. But, that’s why we step outside our comfort zones. To grow and experience other benefits.

Earlier this week, Michelle and I recorded a video podcast, which I’ll be adding the audio portion to this episode. In the episode, Michelle shares with us 3 different ways to meditate, and tips for newbies. 

reduce stress 14 day meditation challenge start meditating today

Since Tuesday, 5 days of meditating and I already feel a big difference. I feel much more mindful. Instead of rushing or planning a lot of activities, I find myself just accepting what is. I also feel more in tuned with myself. 

You can start meditating at any time. Why not try a 14 day meditation challenge? Take the time now for yourself to relax, enhance self awareness, generate kindness and reduce stress. Are you stressed right now? We cannot control our external environments, just those internally. So, focus on what you can control, and that is your own health. Take time for a mental workout, and try a 14 day meditation challenge.

Relaxation Response

The relaxation response is what we’re looking for, and that is exactly the opposite of the fight or flight response. The relaxation response is described as a feeling of tranquility with relaxed muscles, lowered oxygen consumption, decreased blood-pressure, breathing, and heart rate, and a shift from normal waking brain wave patterns to a predominately slower brain wave pattern. Basically, we’re bringing the body into a state of homeostasis to reduce the negative health effects of stress.

14 day meditation challenge

Morning Ritual

I found the need to meditate because it really rejuvenates and resets you. It’s free, and something you can do in self isolation. Every morning, right away, I’ll put my headphones in and sit up straight on my big ottoman in the middle of my living room. I enjoy taking the time for myself, as through doing so I can feel the energy within me. It’s powerful, and can be scary. Sometimes it’s difficult not to follow thoughts, but as soon as I realize that I’m not mediating anymore, I switch back. 

14 day meditation challenge

Check out Episode 13 on Youtube, with meditation expert Michelle to learn how to meditate using mantras, body scans and deep breathing. Check out previous Podcasts How to Make Money Being YOU and Life in a Skoolie with Max Leisure.

Three Different Ways to Meditate

  1. Mantra: You choose which word to repeat
  2. Body Scan: Take time to explore your body. Made mind and muscle connections.
  3. Deep Belly Breaths: Focusing on big belly breaths. Getting the negative energy out, and breathing in new positivity.

Click on the YouTube Link for more insight and the full interview with Michelle Legault.